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Reign 4x13 + The Magicians 2x07&2x08 Reviewed

Coup de Grace
Henri causes issues for questionable motivations. Gideon sulks - he never existed! Where is Dudley? Elizabeth acts in a shameful way. This was neither energetic nor engaging. Mary whines. Narcisse and Catherine bore. Gideon is a dim bulb. Knox and Darnley plot to have Mary judged as immoral and unfit. Which she would be eventually. David tries to save Mary and is murdered. Mary is ineffective. Her downfall is more or less inevitable. Charles lurks. Mary shouts and tries to manipulate her moron husband. Henri seduces Charles’ mistress. People don’t talk or act like they live in the Renaissance. Charles is sick of Henri. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Her exhausting affections.”

“He feared for his life. Rightly so.”

“Carry within me an heir.”

“Carnal lusting.”

“Women are capable of ungodly things.”

“I’m married.”
“Even so.”

“Desiring what we’re told we should not.”

“The discreet companionship of other men.”

Plan B
Quentin is bothered by niffin Alice. Does he ever study anymore? Quentin has acute misery. Julia is an ideologue. There is yelling and Julia needs gold. She and Kady end up back at Brakebills. Julia ends up in Alice’s room with no apologies. Julia should never ever be forgiven. This was not astoundingly inventive.

Best Lines:
“Our garbage fire of a relationship that ended with Eliot’s dick in your mouth.”

“Paper money’s for drug dealers and idiots.”

“That movie was stupidly unrealistic.”

Word As Bond
Julia lost her soul and wants to find Reynard’s son. Julia burns sentient trees. Julia is all contempt, ignorance and arrogance. She’s blatantly hostile and offers reckless provocations. Reynard annoys. Penny and Kady fail to notice Quentin’s issues. Margo’s military hysteria goes on. Quentin cracks up and ends up in ‘Ireland’. This was okay. Kady needs a slap. Quentin gets punched out. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“A ton of kid bones in this sand box.”

“Bit annoying though, all that cooing.”

“Incept him.”

“An excessive dislike.”

“Look vaguely indifferent or whatever.”

“Sleep better with him dead.”
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