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Gotham 3x22 + The Magicians 2x03-2x06 Reviewed

Bruce scream and can’t act. Why would Alfred forgive Bruce? There is a Lazarus Pit under Gotham which Bruce doesn’t mention to anyone despite a rage virus raging. Bruce’s bad acting is tonally destructive. He poses on a tall building and he’s not the cooler than thou, king of the town, beloved by all legend TPTB think he is. Lee wears evil eyeshadow and leaves. I’m sick of her, her shouty departures and constant fault finding.

This ep has no emotional resonance and nobody carries the narrative. Will I bother with season 4? I see no reason to. Riddler is not as talented as he thinks he is. Nobody is respectably listened to. Butch has fantasies of the future. Barbara screams and is inordinately annoying. People are intellectually incurious. There are no places of safety. There is corrosive yearning and a relentless torrent of exposition.

There is gunfire, justified hostility, fighting and Tetch is useless. Bruce is an impediment. I do not consider this ep significant. I don’t care about the Penguin/Riddler drama and Riddler’s OCD. Bruce treats Selina like crap for no reason; he is the one who tried to kill Alfred. Bruce is a rampaging hypocrite.

There is yelling, growling and sap. Barbara tries to kill Butch so Tabitha and Barbara have a showdown. Barbara dies, finally. Where is Vicki Vale? Selina teams up with Tabitha. Mr Freeze wanders in and out. Ivy lurks. Butch is really Solomon Grundy apparently. Bruce tries to be a hero. Maybe he could mention the Lazarus Pit to someone or maybe tip off someone about Ra’s Al Ghul? No? Sigh.

Best Lines:
“My knight in the darkness.”

“She doesn’t deserve your loyalty.”

“Your inside growl.”

“No way this ends well.”

“You never see a mason jar filled with blood before?”

“What he wants doesn’t want him back.”

“In exacting fashion.”

“Secret cults, blood viruses.”

Divine Elimination
Why doesn’t Quentin mention Martin’s curse until it is too late? Eliot acts out. Penny annoys as do Quentin and Alice and Margo. Julia is stupid, no change there. Marina prances and The Beast is useless. The gang waste their demon tattoos. Reynard shows up. Why does a fox god need to possess a hedge witch? He does bad things to Marina.

There is no unrelenting sense of hopelessness. Julia messes everything up. Ember messes with The Beast aka Martin Chatwin. Julia is unsettlingly callous. The Beast aka Martin Chatwin tantrums. Quentin is injured and Alice turns into a niffin. The Beast aka Martin Chatwin finally dies. No moral case to be made. This was not good. I still can’t get over how the show turned the Great Rams of Fillory into a man in dodgy makeup. The Great Rams aren’t sheep-men, they are actual magic Rams! FFS!

Best Lines:

“Dramatically stabbed a knife into a map to make a point,”

“You wretched bastard.”

“You stinking man-sheep.”

The Flying Forest
Eliot and Margo are terrible rulers. Julia looks up Kady. Penny and Eliot’s plots bore. The White Lady is looked up. Julia is unapologetic for her crap. Marina is brought back to life temporarily. Was she in hell? Oh who cares? Quentin was badly injured and is now broken. I don’t care and was not overly interested in this ep.

Best Lines:
“Filthy sex cave.”

“Trading rim-jobs for spells.”

“You deserve no-one.”

Cheat Day
Penny whines and can’t do much. Floppy haired Quentin now works in an office. Where did Julia get all the old newspapers? She’s also pregnant and her reckless impetuosity grows. Nobody cares about Penny and his drama. Eliot’s wife is knocked up. There is a talking rabbit. Nobody is inherently moral. WTF is going on? There is moral turpitude. Brian F. O’Byrne guest stars. How is Julia paying for her activities? The procedure she wants is treated as nothing. Why do magicians need corkscrews? This was mediocre and Eliot’s wife has secrets.

Best Lines:
“The drunk perv.”

“A lie with sparkles.”

“Get over yourself Ned Stark.”

The Cock Barrens
Quentin needs a haircut and a wash and a diet. Quentin visits Alice’s awful useless parents. Fillory has issues. Margo needs a kicking. How did Quentin get to Fillory? Julia encounters a previous victim of Reynard and learns Reynard has a child somewhere. Alice has feelings of unwantedness cos guess what she isn’t dead and is haunting Quentin. And she’s still a niffin. Reynard menaces. Margo needs a slap. Why does a god possess a hedge witch?!? Is anything of Richard left? Does anyone care to find out? This was okayish.

Best Lines:
“You milked a unicorn?”

“The walking plot twist.”

“Un-ironic furs.”

“We get married. I’d still let you speak in public.”
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