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Lady Killer #5 + Secret Empire #10 Reviewed

Lady Killer 5
There is violence, death, a flashback, fallout and the return of an annoying meat pole. Josie is stoical and has murderous purpose. This was okay.

Secret Empire 10
Jean Grey and Rocket Raccoon are in the fight. Why is Wolverine so geriatric? Captain American remakes the world in Hydra’s image which includes Doctor Doom as a member of the Fantastic Four and a Hydra Iron Man and Spider-Man. Bucky plots, people have righteous anger, Captain American has fury and AI Tony Stark is still ridic.

Kobik and her cosmic inheritance does an ass-pull. Real Captain America shows up or something, I’m not quite sure. Are people going to be curiously resilient and get over Hydra’s takeover? Nobody has a discernable personality. Will any of this be detrimental to Steve Rogers? Will people reduce their interaction with him to the bare minimum?

People just stand around and watch fake Steve and real Steve slap each other around. Thor’s hammer was left lying around apparently. What happens to Hydra? So are there 2 Steve Rogers right now? Who is the chained dude? WTF is the vanishing point? Seriously, what about Steve Rogers? Any surge of feeling there? Is he bereft? This was okay but does not resonant or have emotional elements and does not hold significance.

Best Lines:
“He gazed out on it and was pleased.”

“The same unbreakable will.”
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