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The Magicians 2x01&2x02 Reviewed

Knight Of Crowns
WTF is going on? Julia is a tool. How are the heroes alive? Julia betrayed them with no hesitancy. This was not compellingly toxic. The Beast is a tormentor. Julia is wholly unconcerned with sense. I don’t care about her emotional pain or morose attitude. This was all miserablism. This was not entertainingly bizarre. There is no controlled intensity. Everyone is a useless fool. This is one long whine anthem. There is no brooding dude or gallant heroes. This leaves one emotionally uninvested. There is no coldly menacing dark brooding presence and no frightening intensity. Julia and the Beast bond over abuse. Will Julia have a psychotic breakdown already?
This was bad.

Best Line:
“Sleeping or dead?”

Hotel Spa Potions
WTF is with the Beast singing? What happened to Rupert Chatwin? Where is Jane Chatwin? Who are all these people? There is overacting. Marina whines. A pixie is a literally maniac pixie dream girl. There is miserablism and no tough candour. This was not terrifyingly delicious. Julia is a tool. There is no crescendo of grimness. The heroes get their demon tattoos. The Beast is not sinisterly over familiar. This was not oddly menacing. One wonders, back when Quentin, Eliot and Margo had their threesome - what part did Quentin play and to whom?

Best Lines:
“Fill the void of existence.”

“I doubt they’re your friends anymore.”
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