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Reign 4x12 + Colony 2x09 Reviewed

The Shakedown
There is an earthquake in Scotland. The name Turin is wildly mispronounced. Mary needs money. John Knox lurks like a smelly rug. Charles is sick of Henri. Darnley whores and drinks. Claude flip flops. Jane shows up at an inopportune moment. Claude is a liar and a user. Charles is crazed. Catherine sees what she has wrought. Jane is evil. This was bad.

Best Lines:
“Your expensive catholic wedding and your constant manoeuvres against England.”

“Your eventual removal from the throne.”

“How will you feel with her blood on your hands?”

Tamam Shud
Another idiot Resistance plan is carried out without reasonable consideration or moral qualm. Why is season 2 so creatively stifled? There is casual denigration of sense. Will is finally rumpled. There is no social emotion. There are more morons. Katie is a terrible mother. People have few cultural interests and no sense of their lack. Will’s 3 ignored and neglected brats are in peril. Katie somehow knows things. A pilot parachutes into LA. She’s annoying and really unnecessary. Like this ep.

Best Lines:
“Until things change.”

“What’d Dad do?”

“Was he a friend?”

“Scrupulously boring.”
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