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iZombie 2x13 Reviewed

The Whopper
Major and Liv’s new BF look identical. Liv lies and is awful. Robert Knepper shows up again. Blaine’s dad's will annoys Blaine. Liv has creeping disregard for Major. Blaine is an enshrined disgrace, he isn’t even mildly sinister. Nobody is contrite or regretful. Liv is consistently selfish and a very unsuitable woman. This leaves one wholly indifferent. It is rather less important than it thinks. Blaine gets his revenge on his father. ‘Les Mis’ plays. I did not care.

Best Lines:
“Kylo Ren. Emo brat or supreme badass?”

“I’m more scared of Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet than Kylo Ren.”

“Their sense of themselves as men.”

“What did he do?”
“Does it matter?”

“Made me clean the kitchen floor with my tongue.”

“You had him shot in the face.”

“Locked me in a dog crate all day.”

“People might hate you less.”
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