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Riverdale 1x12&1x13 + The State (2017) 1x01&1x02 Reviewed

Anatomy Of A Murder
Jughead’s mother doesn’t want him. Nobody cares about FP. The sheriff is stupid. Cheryl attacks Jughead and everyone else dumps on Jughead. There is bad acting. Hal reveals that the cooper clan are Blossoms. This was not clever or gripping. Veronica’s mother is dumb. Cheryl’s family hate her. What’ll become of Joaquin? I hate all these people. Who films themselves murdering someone? Jason’s murderer. Cheryl is an unrepentantly nasty jerk.

This was terrible. Morally questionable people are cruel and egotistical. Jason’s murderer is revealed as the unpleasant person who was the obvious suspect. There is no happy ending for FP. There are altercations and little attention to underlying facts.

Best Lines:
“We are the long term solution.”

“Spare us the middle class morality.”

“Are you even sorry?”

“You will end up dead.”

“You did a bad thing daddy.”

The Sweet Hereafter
There has been a suicide and this results in histrionics but no moral questions. There is ranting about heroin dealers. There is no moral authority or moral obligation or restitution. Polly is back home. People act like things are normal. There is snow. Veronica’s abusive crime lord father is getting out. Veronica and Archie are dating. Mayor McCoy prances.

Kevin annoys. There are no joyous moments. There is the death of idealism. Archie wants Betty now, he’s a man whore. The Serpents are scapegoat and Mrs Lodge is trash. Archie’s dad is ill-used. Polly annoys. Social services finally notice Jughead is homeless. Jughead is banished to the Southside and sent to a new school and gets a foster family.

Alice reveals she had a teen pregnancy and had her son adopted. Cheryl looks for attention. There is blood on the ice and more of Archie’s boring music. There is fire starting and Jughead appears to join the Serpents and he looks happy for the first time this season. Cheryl’s lipstick never smears. There is sex and a shooting.

This was okay. What about Grandmother Blossom? Why does a small-town have 2 high schools? Why is the Southside such a gritty urban hellhole? Jason was apparently the first murder in town recently so the Southside Serpents are law abiding then? How is Cheryl not dead? Why was Jason wearing white while faking his death in 1x01? There are banal expressions of doom and this was not serious or grim.

Best Lines:
“No leniency.”

“Real anger out there.”

“Sexually manipulate Archie into doing my bidding.”

“Not that anyone in this town cares.”

“Social pariah table.”

“Where do you even get pig’s blood?”

“No one wants him there.”

The State (2017) 1x01
This badly timed Channel 4 drama is okay. 4 young people head to Syria and their families HAD to know what they were doing. They cross the Turkey-Syria border. An American white woman convert is smug to the women. There are fake beards and relevant subtitles and things are different for the women and men. There is no discussion about why they want to be in Syria other then the odd vaguely worded statement.

They do oaths of allegiance and reject their ignorant past. Passports are burnt and a female doctor seems wilfully ignorant of what she has signed up for. There are 2 white German male converts (one a fat blonde guy who looks like Jack Black in ‘Tropic Thunder’). There is a blonde woman who may be Turkish who wants to know why the women can’t fight.

The men train and shoot guns and crawl on the ground. Why there are converts in Syria isn’t addressed. Bizarre societal conventions are accepted as are woe and misery. The doctor’s child seems oddly accepting of his arrival in Syria. There is low life expectancy by uncaring fanatics. Why are this lot the staunchest defenders of a deranged death cult? It is not clear.

There is overwhelming bleakness and nonsensical convictions. There are references to the land of disbelief. There is ordinariness as the women eat without cutlery and chat and moan about the group bathroom. Meanwhile there is mortal threat, self-delusion and ahead lie trials which will prove to be severe indeed.

There is triumphalism, mortal certainties and boys play with murder toys. A spoilt girl whines. There is casual contempt for women and a corrosive sense of low power and simmering hostility. There is no moral culture. People distain sense and they think they have a culture of honour and dignity. These rampaging morons embrace their darkest inclinations. This was goodish.

Best Lines:
“Just don’t go outside, we leave that to the guys.”

“You can’t be single here.”

“Put, put!”

The State 1x02
The whimsical and capricious decisions of the characters annoy. The morality police beat a woman for not covering herself. The idiot doctor justifies everything. There are public punishments and the doctor is warned by people to be careful. Jalal phones home. This wasn’t as good as 1x01.

A baby ward is bombed and a lot of obvious dolls are ‘dead’. A dude dies. The doctor faces the consequences of her actions. A woman meets her husband in the dead of night and they don‘t speak the same language. People want order and certainty. There is reckless gun usage and scary men bothering people. A man meets a man with doubts and pain and hears some home truths. Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Jalal learns an unkind truth about his brother’s far from heroic death.

Best Lines:
“He’s very kind.”

“Is that allowed?”

“Shame on you.”

“The travelling woman.”

“That should shut them up."
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