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Bunty For Girls Summer Special Reviewed

This 10p offering reprint is but a sample of the full comic from an unknown date. I suspect it is from the 1960s. ‘Tommy The Tomboy’ mocks feminism and gender identity. Then there were ‘humorous’ comic strips. Then there was a ‘Four Marys’ tale. They study housecraft. There is ugly art and rampant sexism. Then there is ‘Tina The Tester’ about product testing and there is rampant flying tipping.

This comic sample reprint is throwaway sexist tosh with no offhand charm. The stories are hollow tedium and muddled confusion and the characters are shockingly vacuous. This has the stench of failure about it.

Best Lines:
“I like an old-fashioned girl who needs masculine protection!”

“She IS of the lower classes-”

“Doing a charwoman’s work!”

“I’m not ashamed of being working class.”

“I wonder if people dump old gas stoves in the country?”
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