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Movie Reviews: Belle + The Gift + Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Belle (2013)
It is 1769 and a rich man takes his mixed race child to his relatives to raise and then he heads off to the navy. The child Dido grows up on the periphery of her family and not in the gutter because her father recognised her as his natural child and left her his fortune in his will. This is a true story. His family are shocked but accept and love Dido. But Dido is confined by society. She doesn’t dine with the family, she never knew her mother and her father dies at sea. Ostentatious dresses are worn, there is exposition, cold rejection by awful people and people snarl their disapproval.

This is a country that eats its own people. The pernicious influence of slavery and wasted lives is made clear as Dido’s guardian oversees a court case that will have profound implications. Rich people are awful, there is bad singing and Dido is not to be a debutante but she finds love and happiness. This was okay if full of ghastly people.

Best Lines:
“Bring yourself back here this very moment!”

“In accordance with her birthright, she is entitled to live beneath this roof.”

“Will you refrain from shrieking?”

“Formality is of less consequence.”

“No defendable objections.”

“The ladies parlour.”

“Such decisions are not hers to make.”

“She has 40 days to leave her husband’s home.”

The Gift (2015)
Jason Bateman stars as a dude who meets old schoolmate Gordo. His hatchet faced mannish wife is fragile and wants a baby. This was boring with no grim merit.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)
This was illogical bombast about 2 horrible human beings who are conmen of psychopathic disposition. There are horrible 80s clothes and no giddy joy.
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