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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Vault’ clip
What is James Franco up to? What’s in the vault? There is moral turpitude. I am interested.

‘The Last Ship’ promo

‘Thor Ragnarok’ trailer
Doctor Strange and his bizarre US accent annoys. There is synth music, stuff blowing up, Hulk and no Sif. Loki annoys. Where is Odin? There is stupid make-up, a helmet and the rainbow bridge.

Best Line:
“I have dire plans for destiny.”

‘How The World Made America’ promo

Made gluten free chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. They are mmm.

I will review ’The Magicians’ season 2, ‘Belle’ and ‘The Belko Experiment’.

I won’t be reviewing ‘The Mist’ TV show.

‘Sovereign Silk’; the third ‘Silken Magic’ book has finally been published!

Saw some of the ‘Marple’ ep ‘The Sittaford Mystery’. I’ve no idea what happened or why. Timothy Dalton was in it though.

Best Lines:
“Custody? It’s a larder you oaf!”

“His most recent fiancée.”

There is to be a ‘Licence To Drive’ remake?

Interesting info about upcoming ‘The X Files’ episodes.

An Obi-Wan movie? No!

I am interested in the casting of the season 6 baddie in ‘Arrow’.

‘3 News’ Quotes:
“A growing anti-tourist movement.”

“His casting out.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“The whipped cream thing.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Took back his criticism.”

“Treated their disagreements seriously.”

“Norm-shattering comment.”

The Eurovision of dead women.”

“Prone ladies.”

“It shows what was possible in its time.”

“When CG doesn’t reflect reality and physics and what’s possible.”

“Outrage, suspicion and hostility.”

“I am harm’s way.”

“Most squandered talent of his generation.”

“Becoming a life-long brand loyalist to the brands of her choice, perhaps even passing on this preference to her own peers and family.”

“Converting basic human needs into consumer wants.”


“Offensive to decency.”


“Rejected as credible.”

‘The Blackadder’ Quotes:
“Hate you and all your kind.”

“Both popes.”

“All 3 popes recommending your immediate excommunication.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“Not the useless mum they think I am.”

“Save your tears for some other mug!”

“If she turns on me as well.”

‘Caesar’s Women’ Quotes:
“Short hair is unintellectual.”

“Upstart trash.”

“I do not acknowledge either that union or its progeny-”

“I think that statement needs elucidating,”

“The worst of a decayed and degenerate lot.”

“Seen in a low tavern.”

“I spit on you, Caesar! I spit!”

“Brother of the trollop and uncle of the gutter-dirt.”


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