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Torchwood Children of Earth: Day One Review

This was dull with a lot, too much, of plot set up. New characters, way too many of them, overwhelm the show. When did 'Torchwood' turn into 'Spooks'? Jack looking hotter than ever meets a doctor who turns out to be a prat. A woman named Lois goes to work for the civil service and conveniently has access to top secret goings on. Meanwhile the 456 make contact, again. Meanwhile after all the focus on Gwen and her personal life in season 1&2, Jack and Ianto get some focus on theirs. Jack turns out to have a daughter named Alice. Meanwhile Ianto has a chavvy sister, who having learnt about his relationship with Jack asks: "Have you gone bender?"

The 456 mystery really doesn't grab. The new characters are all morons who annoy. Gwen turns out to be pregnant. The government issues a kill order on Torchwood for unclear reasons. An annoying woman and her goons try to kill off the team. The first episode did not grab me at all, it was annoying and stupid.

Best Line: "This whole city talks about you."
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