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Book Reviews: death du jour + Black Death + The Nightmares On Elm Street + A Kiss Before Dying

death du jour by Kathy Reichs
This 2000 novel is dated and has no theme of doom. The ‘Temperance Brennan’ books inspired ‘Bones’ but they are nothing like the show. This was badly written and tells of a cult, murder and pompously miserable girls. Loons are self-excusing and have an aggressive demeanour while waylaying victims.

They bring ruin in this tale that has zero room for nuance or complexity. Ill-intentioned dolts menace our heroine in whom conviviality is not always to the fore. Villains are tritely obvious and there are no tragic jolts. Aggressive wild-eyed loons lurk causing undeniable misery. This laughable ‘novel’ should be met with universal indifference. This doesn’t even have delusions of adequacy as nutters kick off opportunistically with no grim determination or ruthless calculation. This was appalling.

Best Lines:
“His eyes were the shade of blue on the Windows 95 screen.”

“The evil social order that’s out to get them.”

Black Death by R. Karl Largent
This 1988 Leisure Horror sees the town of Half Moon wiped out by flesh eating bacteria. Not good but the ending is nice and bleak.

The Nightmares On Elm Street by Jeffrey Cooper
Okay novelisations of movies 1-3.

The Nightmares On Elm Street by Joseph Locke
Dumb novelisations of movies 4-5.

A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin
In this ‘thriller’ full of twists someone without taste for hard work wants money. This was done utterly seriously but without merit.
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