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Book Reviews: If You Really Loved Me + Little Heaven

If You Really Loved Me by Ann Rule
An over-written account of the murder of Linda Brown and the years it took authorities to uncover shocking machinations of her husband David. A toil was taken upon David’s daughter Cinnamon and his sister in law Patti. This is a story of manipulation, an unrelenting search for the truth and abuse. The case inspired the Clancy Brown miniseries ‘Love, Lies and Murder’.

Little Heaven by Nick Cutter
From the author of ‘The Troop’ comes this nigh-unreadable tale about a group of thugs who have weary resignation and they are inherently dangerous. They take on an apocalyptic cult or something. People are ever contentious and or paranoid-delusional and have grievances. They are also vociferous in creating problems for themselves and haranguing others and acting contrary to public decency. This was Did Not Finish bad.
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