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Gotham 3x18 + Salem 3x07&3x08 Reviewed

Light The Wick
Tetch and Barnes are locked up in Arkham. Tetch leaves one unimpressed. Barnes isn’t grotesquely menacing. The Court Of Owls are discordant and want the virus. Hugo Strange shows up. Lee has active hostility and ostensible heartlessness. Gotham is an urban hellhole. This ep has grievous faults. Ivy and Tabitha chat. There are no good Christian people who don’t misbehave.

The Court Of Owls and their pomp and ceremony are ridic. This show is less and less relevant. Gordon’s participation in the Court Of Owls doesn’t last long. One feels narrative detachment from Bruce. Lee is obsessed with exacting some sort of revenge. There is no escalating desperation just bad VFX. Cat teen is saved by Ivy. Gordon yells and this is no incalculable wrath or directionless evil. Gordon’s acts are ill taken and I just did not care.

Best Lines:
“What mysterious forces are at play in the middle of the night?”

“Why do I get the sense I’m being threatened?”

The Man Who Was Thursday
Mary has no pride or shame. There is a glorification of evil. Sebastian is trash. Stephen Lang has a cameo. Cotton does not find it odd that Anne is suddenly 9 months pregnant. John Alden wanders. There is no reasoning or emotionality. Anne revels in her products of sin.

Morally agile people have combative natures. Nobody really reconciles. Sebastian is a cocky bastard. Anne is in survival mode. Isaac rants. Hathrone and Mercy plot. Wasn’t John Alden a blacksmith in season 1? John Alden can’t read or write. Smol satan lurks and Anne is gross as she gives the whore a magical lobotomy. Smol satan faces revocation and there is bad acting.

Best Lines:
“Shrivelled tree worshippers.”

“That foul dwarf hell itself execrated.”

“Their puritan piss!”

“Stop what I set in motion!”

“You should fear.”


Friday’s Knights
TPTB are weirdly insistent on redeeming Mary. Bug man makes an evil clock. Lucy Lawless and Marilyn Manson feature. Bug man gets drunk and loud like a football hooligan. He’s not a grave or growing direct threat. Why hasn’t Mary’s blood coagulated by now? Bug man has ambition. There is no cosmic wonder. Is the doctor still in hell? Does anyone care?

Nobody professes regret at their actions. Isaac is useless. This ep was not the ultimate emotional experience. John Alden is useless. Bug man aka The Sentinel drinks, screws and eats. Tituba plots. Sebastian whines, he is the Lana Lang of this show. WTF is with the dollhouse? Everyone looks like they smell of cheese and feet and know they’ll die alone. Why are there alcohol and oranges in puritan Salem? Cotton conducts Mercy and Hathorne’s marriage. John Alden kills The Sentinel, eventually.

Best Lines:
“New commonwealth of hell.”

“It burns. I like it.”

“Who is that bellowing?”

“What conspiracies do you spin now?”

“I have no intention of dying.”
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