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Movie Review: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Bond and a Chinese secret agent have to team up to take on a mad media mogul who is trying to provoke a war between china and the UK for ratings. Bond takes part in a car chase (from the back seat) and somehow does not have glass in his hair. Joe Don Baker shows up playing a different character than he did in ‘The Living Daylights’. GPS is a very important thing. Teri Hatcher is a waste of skin and blood.

007 is yummy, with a spoon. The mad media mogul had the HMS Devonshire sunk and any survivors killed. All so he can have a newspaper headline that reads: The Empire Will Strike Back. He has a lofty tone. Nobody exudes decency. There is no subtlety or ambiguity. This was a bit loud and shambolic. This was not relentlessly imaginative just full of life threatening encounters. There is a negativity effect caused by the mad media mogul. Bond has a sense of duty and why didn’t the mad media mogul get out of the way of the drill? The mad media mogul was disruptive and there is no emotional fallout. Nothing is unanticipated.

This was all barminiess. Why must everything in this film inevitably explode? The mad media mogul is described as ending up like Maxwell. People are distanced from the true principles of human behaviour. This was loud and okay if soulless.

Best Lines:
“We’re sending the fleet to China.”

“The recovery area.”

“Free fall for 5 miles.”

“We will retaliate.”

“Get the sledgehammers.”

“So much for German efficiency.”

“Starting a war for ratings.”

“Kill the bastards.”

“Good hunting.”

“Sink it.”

“I owe you an unpleasant death.”

“I am especially good at the celebrity overdose.”

“Okay, I ask.”

“I’m just a professional doing a job.”
“Me too.”
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