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Book Review: The Best Kind Of People

The Best Kind Of People by Zoe Whittall
George Woodbury is a beloved husband, father and teacher and then he is arrested for sex crimes. It shocks the upscale community. There is commotion and belligerence and emotional tumult as the Woodbury family are provoked to thought by the arrest of their patriarch.

The unfolding tale of social conscience shows inevitably how renown can hide secrets. People become morally aware about issues of loyalty and truth as the Woodbury family implodes and others are overly or insufficiently condemnatory of George. This is a dark novel which shows the pernicious effects on the Woodbury clan and how they plummet remorselessly toward the not so unexpected ending.

Best Lines:
“Things she couldn’t un-hear or un-imagine.”

“The suburbs looked upon solitude with suspicion.”

“Sit on the back balcony and shoot at any pigeon or squirrel that dared to approach his Ford Explorer.”

“You are like the moral centre of his narrative.”

“Defined by waiting.”

“This is a life? This is what happens?”

“I’m shredding his thesis!”

“Remorse of an unknown veracity.”
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