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BTVS #17 & The Sisterhood #2 Reviewed

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 #17 Time Of Your Life Part 2

Fray and Erin are hunting vampires and looking for Harth. Meanwhile Harth is working with a mysterious Goth woman as part of a cunning plan. In Scotland the castle is under mystical attack. Buffy and Fray work together unaware of just who is behind Buffy's temporal misadventures: an immortal Willow who has gone darkisde.

This was a good issue, dodgy art aside. So with the dramatic revelation about Willow, is Twilight not the true baddie of Season 8 after all? Why did Willow go darkside AGAIN, was it all the flying? Why was Xander so callous about the dead slayers? TPTB aren't hinting at a Dawn/Xander pairing are they? Fray is mature and Buffy acts like a 12 year old, nothing new there. Will the slayer army finally do something about Twilight now he's blown up their castle?

Best Line:
"Vampires gain strength from each other. Slayer's ultimately don't."

The Sisterhood #2

Demon exorcising nuns! Vatican covert ops! Demons! Blood! Long lost evil sisters! Sword fights! Uzi touting elderly nuns! This is a great read. How to wrap this all up in only one more issue?
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