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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ clip
Angelyne is a thing.

‘Zoo’ 3x05 promo
This looks stupid.

‘The Last Tycoon’ promo

‘Godzilla’ (1978) opening credits
Godzuki? Godzookey? Lighter, softer and fun.

‘Stargate’ (1994) clip
James Spader and his 90s hair stares. Why is advanced alien tech rotary? Why is there a ramp? Why haven’t they got it working since they found it in 1928? This has ancient aliens, outdated computer tech and this was cool.

Best Line:
“Chevron one is locked in place.”

‘Red Dwarf’ clip ‘Polymorph
Lister puts on boxer shorts which are actually a shape shifting alien. Kryten and Rimmer are deadpan. This was hilarious.

Best Line:
“Second worst fear.”

‘Newhart’ ending clip
I liked this show but I don’t get the ending.

‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ TV spot

‘Tin Star’ promo
WTF is this?

‘The Lamp’ trailer
Good trailer, bad movie.

‘The Last King Of Scotland’ (2006) promo

‘Nut Job 2’ TV spot
Nutty by nature indeed.

‘The Dark Tower’ trailer

‘Ninjago’ trailer

‘Kingman 2’ trailer
Colin Firth is alive?!?

‘Logan Lucky’ trailer
Adam Driver and Daniel Craig plot.

Beef chorizo - okay.

Watched some of the ‘Marple’ ep ‘The Moving Finger’ which starred Sean Pertwee. This is a tale that inserts Marple into a non-Marple story. The carefully ordered social infrastructure of a village is disrupted by poison pen letters. People are afraid and react accordingly. Ken Russell plays the vicar. There is antagonism and bad VFX and a dumb reveal.

Best Lines:
“The allegation contained in that letter.”

“That half-witted girl whose expecting.”

“You being normal.”

“Any unwanted mail?”

“No wonder he shot himself.”

‘The Rook’ is a TV show now?

Who else read ‘Heidi’?

Who watched ‘Arrested Development’?

What are coti berries?

There is a Hammer play?

Scented matches are a thing?

Anyone see ‘The Women Of Brewster Place’?

Anyone see ‘The Cool Surface’ (1993) or ‘2 Days In The Valley’ (1996) or ‘Heaven’s Prisoners’ (1996)?

‘The Cosby Show’ Quotes:
“The government comes for the regular people first.”

“You are not going to live here.”

“I’ll live in New Jersey.”

‘The Force Awakens’ Quotes:
“The First Order rose from the Dark Side. You did not.”

“Something far worse has happened to you.”

“I know where you come from, before you called yourself Kylo Ren.”

‘Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base’ Quotes:
“You kicked my wrench.”

“Jerk face.”

‘Harry Potter Epilogue’ Quotes:
“It does not get better.”

“You graduated 10 years ago.”

“Lonely janitor.”

“Spoiler alert: I win.”

SNL The Avengers’ Quotes:
“In English woman!”

“You just got quipped.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Intrinsically bad.”

“Ridiculous by intention.”

“Ideological preconceptions.”

“Stellar scintillation.”

“Strategic consequences.”

“Worship Helios, lest he disappear and never return!”

“Post-glacial environments.”

“Said she would not consider it.”

“A sort of tramp who lives out by the bins.”

“Floored by the terror of not making any impact on the world.”

“No obvious signs they will start trouble.”

“Look too drunk, too rough or just potentially troublesome.”

“Rave incoherently.”

“Moral hazard.”

“Apocalyptic majesty.”

“Like he hasn’t changed his knickers in two weeks.”

“Least appealing look.”

“Virtually expelled from her home.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“Please go away.”

“DS weirdo!”

“Get him down a dark alley for 5 minutes.”

‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Quotes:
“Yo chumbake, take a hike.”

“You! Shut up!”

“I don’t want to know you either.”

“Dawson’s Beach.”

‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ Quote:
“Can you ride a camel?”

‘The Goldbergs’ Quote:
“I reject all furniture.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“Ideological infractions.”

“Mind growing.”

“Heads filled with notions that have nothing to do with the lives that we are living.”

“Primitive pastoralists.”

“Work that garners respect-”

“He’s not crazy in their eyes.”
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