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iZombie 2x10 + Zoo 3x05 + Chicago Med 1x02 Reviewed

Method Head
Liv is a designing minx who lives in a tranquilised haze. The evil CEO is berated by a harpy. Christmas music plays and Liv eats the brain of a method actor. What must that microwave smell like? The intensely irritating Liv annoys. Criminal lunatic Blaine annoys. Liv has chiselled away all empathy. Where is her family? There is a death on the set of ‘Zombie High’. Liv gets away with her crap again and Blaine is busted, sort of. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“She’s seen every episode on purpose.”

“The mystery defecator.”

Drop It Like Its Hot
There’s been a time jump and reboot. There is no creeping tension as plainly evil types have no moderation. There is a pointed lack of interest and no grim substance. This was atrocious tedium. TPTB have full commitment to the idiot ball with no hesitation. Billy Burke is still a twit. Nobody has reticence about being awful and there is sap.

Everything shown about the law, medicine and science is far from accurate or flattering. Billy Burke can’t act amicably. This has pills, idiots, a children obsession, hand waving and dramatic turning. No.

Best Lines:
"No angry rhinos.”

“I happened.”

A teen runaway has a baby and abandons it. Colin Donnell goes running and baby hunting. The baby is obviously a doll. This has an okay title card. A fat hairy dude has a heart attack. There is moral debate, a drug rep, a nagging wife and an annoying medical student. A social worker is uncaring. As is an older sister. The jerk doctor steals gas and insults people. Colin Donnell has a vile dad. The nagging wife nags. Who is paying for all the fancy medical care?

Best Lines:
“I’m so damn old.”

“I made a decision.”
“A bad one.”

“They’re your family.”
“You make that sound like a good thing.”
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