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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 Issue 26 Review

Retreat, Part 1
Twilight's got the gang on the run. They're still not looking for Twilight just reacting to his/her/its attack. Everyone runs to Buffy to hide. So Buffy is reunited with Giles and Faith and makes no apologies for her earlier shoddy treatment of them. Willow's going darkside with her "magicks" again and Buffy is letting her. It seems Willow's copious usage of the "magicks" is allowing Twilight to track them but they just let Willow keep on magicking. The words "magicks" is highly annoying. Warren shows up. Andrew is useless. And an old friend returns. This was okay but Buffy's attitude and selfishness really needs to be addressed soon by TPTB.
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