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The Handmaid’s Tale 1x10 + Gotham 3x17 Reviewed

This show doesn’t have a crisp pace. There are more flashbacks to the Red Centre. Aunt Lydia has unpleasant absolutitism and pious insistence. Serena Joy is an implacable enemy and she is not joy-giving. Gilead wants entirely acquiescent women. Serena Joy is chillingly awful and sets up blistering confrontations. Serena Joy wants to be the gleeful beneficiary of a baby.

Offred is pregnant. It’s Nick’s obviously. When Serena Joy is calm, she has unhinged amiability. Handmaids are indispensable to Gilead - yet are treated badly. Marthas are being arrested. Serena Joy is strident and has consternation. The Commander is intemperate and guilty of escalating provocations and is uncowed.

Serena Joy spits hate at her husband; Gilead will be the ruin of them all. The Commander is not venerable and has no reasoned opinion. He wants to avail of side daddies and fishlettos but realises a bit too late, that true believers who matter are closer than he thinks. Nick shows demonstrativeness. Serena Joy has determinism and gives Offred a glimpse of her pink clad daughter, cue general discomfort. Offred screams and blubbers. Nobody has a decidedly positive opinion of the Commander.

Offred has vocal regret. Wives act in a determined fashion. There are no fevered paeans to Gilead. The parcel given to Offred is letters. Offred is dumb. Moira makes it to Canada. The Handmaids are in shock when Janine is to be salvaged. Ofglen gets beat on, after she reaches her limit. Luke and Moira reunite. Rita is entrusted with the letters. Offred heads off to an unknown future. This was goodish.

Best Lines:
“Parade of sluts.”

“You answer to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”

“Crazy evil bitch.”

“Rent the sacred covenant.”

“I’m in Boston, I think.”

“I hate stoneings.”

“The price of his love is sometimes high, but it must be paid.”

“There will be consequences, believe me.”

“I am in disgrace.”

“You know the law.”
“Yes. I helped write it.”

The Primal Riddle
Ivy and Penguin look up Mr Freeze (Nathan Darrow) who is coated in silver body paint and wears a fright wig. Where is Mr Freeze hiding out? The Court Of Owls blather. Lee whines. The Court isn’t fearsome. Lee is ebullient in her awfulness. The untold possibilities of this show are wasted. Riddler bores and can’t act. Firefly resurfaces. The Bruce clone is dying. Barbara prances. Tabitha is tired of her. Selina hangs out with her cat.

Lee sneers. There is bad acting and people are other than concerned. The Riddler overacts, badly. The plot is all grand improbability. Lee is into lifelong character assassination of Gordon. Selina holds people’s origins against them and is shoved out of a window. Nobody is appreciative. This was okay. Riddler and his stupid hat lurks. Barbara screeches. Butch lurks. Selina is the subject of a ‘Batman Returns’ homage.

Best Lines:
“I’ve seen mass graves more inviting than this place.”

“You don’t matter.”

“What good are friends anyway?”

“I found your performance to be wooden and unrealistic.”
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