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Book Reviews: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Nine, part 3 + A Stranger In The House

The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Nine edited by Ellen Datlow, part 3

Emotional turmoil results when a woman realises something lurks in an antique mirror. This was an okay tale of sheer ghastliness.

What’s Out There?
A bothersome tale of brutality and ruin.

No Matter Which Way We Turned
An extremely short tale of sheer dreariness.

The Castellmarch Man
A man recalls the emotionally catastrophic, ego withering, precipitating circumstances of his wife’s disappearance at the hands of some Lecteresque caricature. This was okay but the ending descends into absurdity.

The Ice Beneath Us
A tale of moral choice and unremitting rage. Or something.

On These Blackened Shores Of Time
A sinkhole reveals the secrets of a pariah status mine. I’ve read this before but it is still very good.

Best Line:
“Coal had formed around it.”

A Stranger In The House by Shari Lapena
This naff novel is from the author of the equally naff ‘The Couple Next Door’. This is a simply written tale of a husband and wife, a car accident, amnesia, a dead body and secrets and lies. This is a tale of baffling incongruities and willing acceptance of stupidity. The twists are obvious and this was rubbish.

Best Line:
“But now he’s not so sure he’s okay with it. He realizes he doesn’t really know that much about his own wife.”
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