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Book Review: The Best Horror Of The Year Volume Nine edited by Ellen Datlow, part 1

I’ve read this tale of the dustbowl before. There are no new narrative possibilities here, as a family live in a hostile society. I was uninclined to care about this mediocre tale.

The Oestriae
A family live lives devoid of all pleasure or benefit. This was mediocre and leaves one disengaged.

The Process Is A Process All Its Own
By Peter Straub. A serial killer joyously stalks his latest victim in unabashed fashion. This was clichéd and shows a distinct lack of compunction.

The Bad Road
A stupid woman goes to an isolated community and stirs up crap. This was bad and full of morons.

Red Rabbit
This is an okay disturbing tale of odd goings on around a dysfunctional couple.

It’s All The Same Road In The End
I’ve read this before. 2 brothers go on a road trip looking for their missing grandfather. They find secrets and horror. This was very good.

Best Line:
“A threat display.”

This tale makes no sense.
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