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Secret Empire #6 Reviewed

Delayed a week but finally here. WTF is the Dark Force? This miseryfest is failing to provide sufficiently interesting answers to its many uninteresting questions. Who are Cloak and Dagger? Doctor Strange (who looks different than he did in his ’Dark Phoenix’ cameo) wanders the nightmarishly nihilistic streets of NY. This is indulgently grim unredeemed misery. Daredevil (who was trapped in a bubble a few issues ago but isn’t anymore) is lectured.

Red Skull shows up in hallucinations/dreams. Where is the real Spider-Man? Why is the former Thor in with Hydra? Captain America has ideological venom - he’s a clone right? His behavioural savagery, hostility and enmity proves he is a clone right? So no public penitence will be necessary. This was not searing or inventive, there is unshakeable gloom and this was a jabberfest.

The war of attrition and messy life choices goes on. As does the general bleakness, solemn contemplation, false concern and despairing anxiety. Captain America has an unappealing malign influence. This was not morally complex. Black Widow is a semi-functioning disaster of a person.

Why is Captain America a manufactured enemy? Why is no one really wondering how he ended up like he has? There is moral degradation and Captain America is unrepentant. Heroes are determined to detest each other, resentment and division are fostered and people see all this as a licence to become their worst selves. People rise to Captain America’s provocations.

Why is Tony Stark an AI? Bruce Banner was murdered by Hawkeye. So how is Bruce Banner alive again? Hulk rampages. There are incoherent fights. This was okay if not venerable. This has no focus, energy or vision.

Best Line:
“What they keep doing to me.”
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