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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Hush’ (1998) promo

‘Bear About The House: Living With My Supersized Pet’ promo
There is a buffalo at the dinner table!

‘The Emoji Movie’ TV spot
Oh hell no!

‘Promposal’ promo

‘The Ringer’ (2005) promo

Philadelphia Mexican Salsa flip & dip - nasty.
Pear, with almond oil smothered in milk & dark choc - okay.
Caramel infused with sea salt and smothered in sweet milk chocolate - okay.
Grand cru ganache - yum.
Spiced orange praline - okay.
Dark chocolate & sea salted caramel - yum.
Dulche de leche choc - okay.
Crème Brule choc - okay.

RIP George Romero.

I may review ‘Chicago Med’.

Anyone see the 1988 ‘Offerings’? Or the 1991 ‘Happy Hell Night’? Or the 1987 ‘Graveyard Shift’?

Recall ‘Caroline In The City’ or ‘Total Recall 2070’?

‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors’ (1987) was not good.

The ‘Waking The Dead’ series 4 finale ‘Shadowplay parts 1&2’ which aired in 2004 had an interesting plot. Part 1 was okay but part 2 was terrible.

Candied roses in Tudor times were a cure for gonorrhoea - ew.

Sugarplate looks nasty.

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“The baseball bat was an ominous touch.”

“Without anger and without openly condemning.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not allowed to use the kettle anymore.”

“He looked like he had escaped from an institution.”

“Define themselves by their problems.”

“Sleep hygiene.”

“I don’t feel involved.”

“Shame-based mark of disgrace.”

“The dog leash is always made of twine or rope as though to buy an actual dog lead would be to give in to the capitalist conspiracy.”

“Indeterminate and unverifiable.”

‘Modern Family’ Quotes:
“Chased into a lake.”

“You’re back again?”

“Movies about how women feel about crap.”

“A prayer jog.”

“Nobody admires our garden. It’s a dead cactus with a grocery bag stuck to it.”

“He burnt down his shoe store to pay for our first demo.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Deep water squid.”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“Money grubbing snake.”

“Beyond illegal.”

‘Enigma Tales’ Quotes:
“Self-denying sort.”

“Managed a facsimile of friendliness.”

“We don’t do anything like that, not anymore-”

“Garak had met many people who had ended up wanting to kill him, and regretfully most of those had extremely good reason.”

Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“You caused this to escalate.”

“I’m not allowing her to go to a motel with a stranger.”

‘The Sweet Makers: A Tudor Treat’ Quotes:
“Thieving varmints.”

“Closed up the stomach.”

“The hallowed ranks of the gentry.”

“Spirit procreative.”

“Open arse fruit.”

“To preserve oranges after the Portuguese fashion.”
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