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Book Review: Final Girls

Final Girls by Riley Stone
Quincy survived the Pine Cottage Massacre and people take malicious delight in calling her a Final Girl and making her pain into click bait. Then she learns another massacre survivor has died under mysterious circumstances and then another Final Girl shows up on her doorstep. What is going on?

This had some promise at the start but gets more and more tiresome. This lacks emotional impact as Quincy lacks all violation and initiative, having only misperceptions and challenging behaviour. The twists make no damn sense and Quincy is no steely avenger, her dudebro boyfriend annoys and Quincy and her issues annoys. People don’t act like people, no one is clear-sighted and this was ludicrous and stupid.

Best Lines:
“That harm certainly seemed to be your intent.”

“I still think of her as that. My best friend. It doesn’t matter that she’s ten years in the grave and that I know our friendship wouldn’t have survived even if she had.”
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