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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Doctor Who’ 13th Doctor reveal
Who? Jodie Whittaker as the 13th doctor. Who?

‘Ballers’ promo

‘Electric Dreams’ promo

‘The State’ promo
Looks good.

Strawberry gelato - ugh.

I will review ‘Into The Storm’ and ‘Sharknado’.

Recall ‘Second Coming’?

I’d try beef-dripping chips. WTF is chocolate delice? WTF are yogurt rolls?

‘Clear And Present Danger’ (1994) was dull. ‘This is Where I Leave You’ (2014) seemed okay.

Poor soft shelled turtles in Vietnam.

‘Waking The Dead’ Quotes:
“I try not to hate her.”

“Extremely rare.”
“As rocking horse s--t.”

“Opened it with force.”

“One act of mercy.”

“Innocently poisonous remark.”

“A coincidence I can’t explain.”

“A friendless psychopath.”

“Couldn’t scale the 8 foot electrified fence.”

“The risk of relapse out-weights all proof of recovery.”

“All atheists in the pay of the devil.”

“I don’t talk to idiots.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“What else is there to do in a country like Ethiopia but eat?”

“Represent the soul of the nation,”

“Assessment of these matters is distorted.”

“His public utterances are unhelpful.”

“Which hardly smacks of a tyranny-free life for the liberated.”

“Retroactively messing up people’s life-spans.”

“Speaks either of an alliance to come or an eventual compromise between bloodlines.”

“Move-on options.”

“Pre-marriage name.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Caused an incalculable degree of harm.”

“Bio-psycho-social model-”

“Get out of the way of progress.”

“Unsuitable relationships.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Towelling your nethers like you’re flossing.”

“Proceeds to moisturise his entire body - back, sack, crack, flaps, wings, the works.”

“Topiary bears.”

“Spooning whey protein - a waste product from the diary industry-”

“Excess protein is off-loaded in your urine.”

“Clannish hostility.”

“Fried chicken and fizzy sodas.”

“Don’t really interact with each other or feel any kinship with each other.”



“I witness a man whip off his shirt and start a bare-knuckle fight.”

“Tailored garden security.”

“Only people who live in stately homes and keep horses know the rules.”

“Everything here feels expensive.”

“Opulent displays of wealth.”

“With a tea towel from the House of Lords.”

“Pheasants mating or fighting or both.”

“Ale weeks.”

“Mistakenly thought provided the structure of our life.”

“Entrails extraction and medieval fight action.”

“Spotted trying to eat his leather helmet strap.”

“When living memory turns to history.”

“A ranting demagogue of the kind who should never be listened to.”

“Canned thigh of cormorant.”

“Fight a holding action in dying cities.”

“A new minimum standard.”

“Exclusion diets.”

‘3News’ Quote:
“Economical traps.”

‘Wimbledon’ Quote:
“Some of the most horrible things on planet earth.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Better express our emotional selves.”

“Dumbing down the Queen’s English.”

Final Girls’ Quotes:
“I became a barely tolerated remnant of her past.”

“He was startling in his sincerity, as if he truly thought holding me captive was the most benevolent of good deeds.”

“Increased her screams,”

“Stopping wasn’t an option.”

“Don’t-bother-me scowl.”
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