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Book Review: Empire Of Time

Empire Of Time by Daniel Godfrey
This sequel to ‘New Pompeii’ is terrible and incoherent. 15 years have passed and now the time displaced residents of New Pompeii residents have their own state and keep the outside world at bay. Nick has thrown his lot in with the Romans with a virulence and is affronted when people criticise them or him. The New Pompeii residents plot, people outside plot, there is timey wimey shenanigans and a female gladiator in the past does things.

Nick has no lasting shame. People have a sense of vengeance. Nick has no emotional reconciliation with his father and faces a wave of hostility. Society is collapsing and Nick has an unwavering commitment to being an ass. A New Pompeii resident reads Mary Beard. The frank assessment is that this book is horribly written. Society collapsing makes no sense, the plot makes no sense and Nick’s behaviour and motivation make no sense. Avoid this.

Best Lines:
“Clung to the technology she understood.”

“You shouldn’t read too much into what you read scribbled on toilet walls.”

“He was in Pompeii at the time of the eruption for reasons he won’t reveal. Even now.”

“To gently slip knives between the ribs of those who aren’t cheering loudly enough.”

“He no longer had any friends.”
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