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Movie Review: Suspect (1987)

A public defender (Cher) and a jurist (Dennis Quaid) look into the case of a deaf mute murder suspect (Liam Neeson). A judge (John Mahoney) and the prosecutor (Joe Mantegna) lurk. There are perms, a murder, moral decay, guile and idiocy and no moral cover. Neeson scribbles a lot. One is less than rapturous about this ‘Jagged Edge’ knockoff. This was no ordinary murder and Cher uncovers a cover-up. The ending is an ass-pull.

Best Lines:
“What are you? An immigrant? Nobody has jury duty.”

“Nameless faceless derelicts.”

“Bribe me with milk.”

“My prostate’s shot.”

“Juror’s excuse office.”

“Did you punch your own attorney in the face?”

“Did you beat your superior officer with a shovel?”
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