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Trailers, Quotes and musings on the Misty 1979 Holiday Special

‘Claws’ promo
This nail salon drama looks interesting.

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ promo

‘Fearless’ promo

Anyone see ‘The Midnight Hour’ (1985) or ‘The Initiation Of Sarah’ (1978)? Or ‘Hope and Glory’ (1987)? Or ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die’?

Recall ‘Terry And Julian’?

Valar morghulis - All men must die.

‘Wild City’ Quotes:
“Sea horses have no stomachs.”

“Gain protection and greater standing.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“Strange, angry place.”

“Justify their existence.”

“Spackled vanity.”

“He’s convinced he’s absolutely right until, 30 seconds later, he discovers he is absolutely wrong. And still he keeps going.”

“An improper sight.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Our sightline was to the top of the garage door. Both Emilia and I had to stare majestically at a piece of corrugated iron,”

“Grumpy, bitey little bastards.”

“Cultural traitors.”

“The waning of relevance.”

“There is a long list of women, he says almost boastfully, who foam at the mouth whenever his name is mentioned.”

“Base and ugly life of murder and bones, rearing their young in nests of excrement and decayed fish.”


“Cheap language.”

“Hire babysitters for their sourdough cultures when they go on holiday.”

“Confrontational blue-collar music.”

“The original rock villain.”

“There was a tank on the front lawn.”

“You haven’t been 18 for more than half a century.”

“An infamous drinking club that did not help the life expectancy of its celebrity members.”

“They loved the outrage.”

“You can’t be more shocking than CNN.”

“At some unfixed point in the Middle Ages.”

“Deliberately drove into a council worker following a dispute over parking.”

“Your behaviour has displeased me.”

“Violence tourists.”

“Making a final stand in the ruined city.”

“The perpetual rage of someone with septic piles.”

“Will come for you and they will come hard.”

“In need of a good wash.”

“Prone to getting into drunken brawls.”


Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“My parents weren’t paying attention to me anyway.”

“Put on a social mask.”

“Beyond chaotic.”

‘Sky News’ Quote:
“Be prepared to fight for your life.”

‘BBC Newsline’ Quote:
“Safe legal cultural expression.”

‘Empire Of Time’ Quote:
“Male drippings,”

Channel 4 News’ Quote:
Lies were being told.”

‘Ireland’s Black Widows’ Quotes:
“Lounge girls.”

“She didn’t want him to be around anymore.”

‘Hawaii 5-0’ Quote:
“Just Bo Luked that.”

Read the ‘Misty’ 1979 Holiday Special. It was 40p for 64 pages. ‘Old Ethna’s House’ is good with a neat twist about the mad old biddy who lives on the edge of the moor. ‘The Sea Maid’ sees a girl learn of a local superstition in this dull tale. ‘The Swan-Song’ was a dull tale of a swan. ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ was daft. ‘The Curse Of The Roman Sword’ was an okay tale.

‘The Prize!’ saw a girl enter a competition run by the patronisingly named Disabled Children Society. The twist is the girl is faking being disabled. Then there is another twist. ‘The Pipe Dream of Marty Scuttle’ sees a would be Pied Piper eaten by rats. Silly.

Best Line:
“Take their confounded road and factories elsewhere-”
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