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Riverdale #4 + The Green Hornet ‘66 Meets The Spirit #1 Reviewed

Riverdale 4
Brooding Kevin, the only gay in Riverdale, is psychologically fraught and not a man for subtlety or nuance. This has no inherent tension. Small town, big secrets indeed. This was okay. But it has no rich narrative opportunities or enormous personal resonance.

Best Lines:
“Very, very single.”

“Please tell me you’re not going cruising at that truck stop you told me about. Or the Riverdale mall bath-room. Or that sketchy spot in the forest.”

“It’s either this or the truck stop.”

“Since do you need a reason to be shirtless?”

“And why on earth aren’t you mowing the lawn shirtless in the first place?”

“Remember, you are confident. You are hot. You are 21.”

The Green Hornet ‘66 Meets The Spirit 1
The only thing I know about ‘The Spirit’ is seeing the trailer for that wretched looking movie. Based on the TV show; Britt Reid is an un-grammatical idiot and Kato also seems to have had his IQ lowered. A dude with an octopus face lurks. A new Spirit lurks. This was not evocative. Why are so many unpredictable degenerates running around? People yell with spittle-faced relish and have unclear allegiances. Britt and Kato are cankerous and shouty. This has no levity and was truly terrible. This cannot be critiqued sufficiently. All I can say is, I’ve rescinded any plans to read any more issues.

Best Lines:
Hopefully its doesn’t fall when an ICBM hits it, eh?”

“You were looking loudly.”
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