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Colony 2x01 + Fearless 1x04 + Reign 4x04 Reviewed

Eleven, Thirteen
This is a flashback to the day of the Arrival. There is muttering about the Institute For Global Advancement. Sherman Augustus and Ally Walker guest star. What are the aliens? An alien was on Earth before the ships showed up. We see the Bowman clan before the aliens negatively impacted the family and caused Katie’s drastic personality overhaul, duplicity and conflicting ideology with Will.

This was all sentimentalism. Will annoyed his original partner. Nobody noticed the alien ships approaching Earth. GPS, TV and power went out. Was it an EMP? Snyder was an embezzler who was recruited to serve the aliens. He looked like he reeked of Brut. Will made moral decisions and bad choices. What happened to the VIPS? Snyder saved his daughter and left his ex behind because she was a shrew.

What happened to Will’s co-workers? People knew this was coming. Military types were wiped out. What happened to Maddie’s husband? Aliens attack. Will cycles along on his mountain bike and sees the wall come down. In the present: what was Charlie up to? Why was he hanging out with sketchy types? Bram is locked up and he is stupid. Will meets his former partner. This was dull and not powerfully conveyed. Nobody has moral responsibility. This was all negative factors with no active discussion about obvious weirdness. The aliens caused serious ramifications.

Best Lines:
“What’s happening was inevitable.”

“Good morning smaller Bowmans.”

“Don’t get mad at me. This is what your lawyer mandated.”

"This house is mine now."

“What kind of engineer needs a panic room?”

“Unranked secondary educational institution.”

“If society ends, we are the ones who are responsible for rebuilding it.”

Fearless 1x04
Kevin falls apart on the stand when it becomes clear that he may have murdered Linda. Emma communicates with a terrorist. Wild makes a speech. Heather sneers. Emma is awful. The terrorist wife shrieks and makes demands. Kevin is offered a plea deal. Emma lies and sneers and is awful. Annie tries to force Jason to love Kevin and rants. Kevin walks under a lorry. Heather menaces Wild. Emma is confronted by her terrorist client. Emma and her thug menace Tony. She threatens to slut shame Linda some more. Emma goes to America to find Linda’s American boyfriend. How did she get a visa? Who is Emma’s American friend? Emma menaces a military man. She gets locked up. This was terrible.

Best Lines:
“Attention seeking activist lawyers.”

“What did I achieve?”

“The girl’s back in the ground and no-one’s going to have the energy to dig her up again.”

“Who’s us?”

Playing With Fire
Bianca is in the woods hiding form the insane Charles. Catherine worries. Mary is a slack jawed idiot with Greer. This had no meaningful engagement. Mary doesn’t even have moderate decisiveness. Greer bad-mouths her husband and ignores her stepchildren. Mary is an instrument of calamity. Mary runs through the fields with her dog. Did TPTB know this was the last season? The plot is glacial and nothing suggests too much urgency.

Darnley prances. Queen Leeza is shrill. James fawns over Knox’s wife and Claude is shamed. Queen Leeza and Claude’s relationship is rewritten. Claude is to be locked up in a nunnery. There is talk of the late Henry VIII and the future Spanish Armada. Gideon annoys. There is a fire. Narcisse wants Claude to marry his son instead of heading to the nunnery. Nobody in France acts like they are catholic. Catherine promises to make Claude a widow. Mary and Darnley discuss the crown matrimonial. Claude marries in a modern day dress. Leith is alive. There is bad acting and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“The King is strange and cruel!”

“Who have I agreed to marry?”

“Not feeling up to being King again today?”

“The Valois are not beloved.”

“What kind of hunting are you doing? When Bianca fled, were you giving chase?”

“May matrimony set you on a more honourable path.”

“Poisoned seeds of discontent.”
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