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Whispers From The Abyss 2 edited by Kat Rocha, Part 2 Reviewed

Lucky Chuck Takes The Sunshine Express
Profound silliness.

Five Minutes Or Less
A tale of a baleful man who loathes his wife and children with a passion. Faltering.

Best Lines:
“Inescapable normalness.”

“Inevitable shouting.”

“Mutual frustration with life.”

The Baby Downstairs
Does a malevolent baby lurk? This was very short and not ebullient.

This was sexist and panders to the lowest human urges.

Now We Are Nine
A hostile force invades a couple’s home. This was lamentable.

The Thing In The Fridge
This is like a Kenny Everett skit as a policeman is called out to deal with a vile and odious fridge. This was hilarious.

Best Lines:
“The fridge was staring back?”

“Worshipping a fridge?”

God Does Damn The Mind
A plague of insanity causes disconcerting poor decision making. This was an okay tale of a legacy of defeat.

I Saw The Light
A group of friends get high together, a deeply regrettable bit of self-defeating behaviour that leads them to see something. This leads to a draconian choice. This was good and creepy.

This is a hilarious and very good Cthulhu inspired take on crowd-funding.

The Vindication Of Y’Ha-Nthle
Never piss off an Innsmouth resident. It won’t leads to a thoughtful response. It’ll only evoke resentment and vengeance. This was mediocre.

Echoes In Porcelain
A woman has monsters in her toilet; luckily she cajoles another monster into helping her. This was okay.

Shadows Of The Darkest Jade
I’ve read this before. It is a tale of monks and something disconcerting.

The Dreadful Machine
A man is reasonably content with his horrible job. Weird.
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