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Trailers, Quotes and musings on the Misty 1979 annual

‘GLOW’ opening credits
So 80s, I wanna see this.

‘How To Lose Friends & Alienate People’ (2008) promo

‘Top Of The Lake: China Girl’ promo

‘Poldark’ opening credits

‘The Windsors’ promo

Poor Sudan, the rhino.

I’d try Mexican Spiced Cheese.

I was thinking of reviewing ‘Trance’ (2013) but I won’t as I detest James McAvoy.

Anyone see the 2004 ‘Wimbledon’? Or the 1962 ‘What A Carve Up!’? Or the 1980 ‘American Gigolo’? Or the 1995 ‘Sudden Death’? Or the 1989 ‘Family Business’? Or the 1992 ‘Dr Giggles’? Or the 1995 ‘Money Train’ or the 1987 ‘Suspect’?

The Emerald waterfall necklace is lovely.

I’d try a liquid nitrogen-frozen milkshake.

‘Daredevil’ Quote:
“We never stopped to think that maybe his actions could open the door for men like this. Men, men with guns. Men who think the law belongs to them.”

‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Quotes:
“Agent May, I urge you to stop now.”

“Is that how it is now?”

“To that I take exception.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“All posh, pretentious bastards.”

“Tiresome old fart.”

“Found an ancient well, which they filled in.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Never realised her social ambitions.”

“Façade of cheerful enthusiasm.”


“Unless each shows greater respect for the other’s core interests than either has done thus far.”

“Military hegemony.”

“Anti-hippie glower.”

“She needs to be punished for making herself leavable, unlovable, disappointing.”


“Endless stupid meetings.”

“Plethora of superfluous executives.”

“Suffocating political correctness.”

“Dissembling careerist toerag.”

“Always at risk of being randomly shot.”

“Hermetically sealed society.”

“His friends even burnt his belongings in the courtyard of the college.”

“On certain festivals I wasn’t even allowed to speak.”

“Violent doormen, thuggish car clampers.”

“An arranged fistfight between the men to settle things.”

‘Natural World’ Quotes:
Survived the destruction of the rest of his species.”

“The very last male of his kind.”

“Last male on the planet.”

“Seriously primitive.”

“Capture team.”

“We have to go through the rectum.”

“Contact call.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“With a CNN logo for a head.”

“That seems like a threat.”

‘Plandail’ Quote:
“His will and God’s were one and the same.”

‘Irish Impendent’ Quotes:
“Does not bond with wider groups.”

“Never had a gang.”

“They are all awful people, all of them.”

“Hairbands, awful chicken-feather boas.”

“German porn from the 1970s.”

‘Poldark’ Quotes:
“Never to be rid of him.”

“Worst winter for 30 years.”

“Be that the light of god in your eyes?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“Any of this thought provoking?”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“No stranger to allegations being levelled at them.”

“Air defence identification zone.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Calmly vomited into a fireplace.”

“Apocalyptic state.”

“Kill list.”

“Under bombardment.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“So if the response to political alienation is to ignore it, that’s a recipe for more political alienation.”

“Pander to and promote the most basic instincts of people all you like, fine, create an appetite, but I warn you. You’ll have to keep feeding it.”

“Which the American took for a compliment.”

I read the 1979 ‘Misty’ annual. It was AWFUL. ‘The Swarm’ was a tiresome tale of locusts. ‘The School Of No Escape’ sees a new headmistress take over a school; this was so bad it forestalled all interest. ‘Blood Orange’ is tripe. ‘The Pony From The Moorland Mist’ sees villagers suspect a pony of evil intent. It had no dramatic nuance.

Where is the story of the evil dollhouse or the ballerina who falls to her death? Anyone recall the story of the not-ghost and her koala hair clips? ‘End Of The Pier’ sees a girl saved by a squid. ‘A Voice From The Past’ and ‘The Figure In The Fog’ are dull tales of ghosts. People in these stories are not exactly known for making wise choices.

Best Lines:
“Who’d go for a walk in a spooky place like Hangman’s Copse?”

“Away to your fields.”

“No good will come o‘that pony.”
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