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Movie Review: Austenland (2013)

Jane (Keri Russell) is a mad Jane Austen fan so she signs up for an immersive Jane Austen experience. It is advertised by a woman holding a stuffed lab. Jane drools over a wet Colin Firth on her TV and longs for her Mr Darcy. Her immersive experience is full of eccentrics and weirdoes. This was harmlessly pleasant at first. Jane’s worshipful attitude to Austen is tested and this turns utterly hollow. This gets tiresomely glib in places. How does the immersive Jane Austen park work if it only has 3 guests? This ends up woefully inadequate towards the end. What is the necessity of this? This is not an innovation of Regency times still it has Ricky Whittle.

Best Lines:
“A pony named Sparkles Pancake.”

“I’m as good as it gets baby.”

“People in those days didn’t wear underwear.”

“Nightly dips in the pond.”

“Those wench gowns.”

“Peacock pate.”

“You’re in the creepy tower.”
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