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A girl in Victorian London pretends to be male to work as a police officer during Jack The Ripper’s rampage. She is increasingly resentful of her mother who has scant regard for her inbetween railing unreasonably. This novella is not a historical necessity.

Best Lines:
“God help the man who hit another’s whore - at least without paying extra.”

“They didn’t look like good women.”

Seven Minutes In Heaven
A girl realises her childhood and her small town weren’t so idyllic, warm and gentle. This was excellent and nightmarish.

Best Line:
“Without a hint of sadness.”

This was devoid of either quality or meaning. Unsubstantial.

The Body Finder
A man finds dead bodies and feels he blew his one chance of happiness years ago. He is past being angry and learns there is no low people won’t sink to. Bad things happen, that are very little regretted. This was disastrous.

The Deepwater Bride
A girl from a weird family sees signs and portents. This was an excellent, hilarious Lovecraft pastiche.

Best Lines:
“Girls abhorred oddity.”

“His abyssal wake.”

“A grudge informer.”

Fabulous Beasts
I’ve read this before. This is tale of sullen behaviour, surliness, bizarre logic, snakes and all the diabolical ways a family can act. This was not touching or tender.

Best Line:
“He takes no offence at my lack of social graces but someday he will.”

Below The Falls
This has a bizarre misspelling in its first few paragraphs. This tale of a haunting is not exquisitely refined.

The Cripple And The Starfish
By Caitlin R Kiernan. This has a spelling mistake. This is an okay bizarre tale of vampires.

The Door
By Kelley Armstrong. This is a good sad tale but not horror.

Daniel’s Theory About Dolls
This is an absolutely terrible piece of crap.

Kaiju Maximus ®: “So Various, So Beautiful, So New”
A dull tale of a superhero. This was not horror and was self-important.

Best Line:
“Wrath and ruination.”

By Gemma Files. I’ve read this before. It is an okay tale of revenge.

The Glad Hosts
This is not horror, this is crap sci-fi.


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