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Gotham 3x12 + The Handmaid’s Tale 1x05 + Shadowhunters 1x11 Reviewed

I haven’t watched this in a while, I seem to have missed a lot of unrelenting plot idiocies. Where is Vicki Vale? Penguin and Riddler have had a particularly ignominious falling out. Gordon saw it as a necessity to kill Mario. Gordon’s faux modesty has lead to unignorable silliness. Selina’s mother has shown up. This had no interesting narrative course or engaging dialogue.

Lee shrieks and is incandescent with rage. This was not marvellously watchable. Penguin’s emotional structure collapses. Mario’s dad plans violent reprisal. Gordon’s reputation for bad judgement goes on. The dead Jerome has worshippers (the Jokerz). Mario’s death is factually contentious. Jerome has a cultural heritage? Gotham is full of societal freaks. This hasn’t any degree of seriousness.

Mario’s dad and Lee are collectively hostile to Gordon. Barnes is now a ranting lunatic in Arkham. Poor Barnes. This doesn’t trigger empathy in any of the characters. There is an inevitably public confrontation between Penguin and a reporter. This was all arbitrariness. Tabitha and Barbara give Riddler approving glances. Where is Silver? There is no serious turmoil.

Best Lines:
“I don’t try.”

“That’s not right.”

“Does anyone die in Gotham anymore?”

“Dark plots are in motion.”

“Mayor stuff.”

The Commander has triumph unconcealed. Offred recall how she met the married Luke and got him to leave his wife. This ep had no heartmeltingly tender moments. Nick lurks. Serena Joy gardens and makes a suggestion that Offred and Nick have sex so she can have their baby. Nobody has a moral imperative.

Ofwarren lurks. The former Ofglen is now Ofsteven and she is recalcitrant. She has negative associations and neither Mayday nor the Handmaids want anything to do with her. Executed people are on display everywhere. Don’t they reek? The new Ofglen is a true believer. Offred’s unremitting labour goes on. Serena Joy watches Nick and Offred have sex. Ofsteven has despair.

The Commander is an awful, awful person. He delights in the extreme autocracy of Gilead. Nick admits he is an Eye. Ofsteven cracks and steals a car and drives in circles and runs over some Guardians. Is she dead now? Who was the man in green at the market? A stallholder? If they don’t use money only tokens, how is the economy working? This was dull and this show is over-praised.

Best Lines:
“Some women can’t handle the requirements of their position.”

“You look heterosexual.”

“People who are nice to me.”

“Do we pray first?”

“Better never means better for everyone.”

Blood Calls To Blood
Jace’s dad Michael Wayland claims to have been Valentine’s prisoner for 10 years. Isabelle wears trashy lip liner. The Clave shows up led by a Sharon Obsbourne lookalike (Mimi Kuzyk of ‘The Kiss’). Jace’s dad messed him up and then messes him up even more when it is revealed that Valentine was pretending to be Michael Wayland all along.

Simon naturally sees Jace and Clary being brother and sister as a chance for him to get some. Disgraceful insinuations are made. Clary is thick. Jace does moody looks off camera. Jace had inexplicable reverence for his dad. Bane prances. This was sappy and there was no foreboding. Valentine is a twit. More men in rubber suits pretending to be demons show up. Jace gets mopey at the revelations, Alex is a burk and Simon is an ass.

Best Lines:
“I am your father and Jace’s.”

“Our first demon fight.”

“Something else to blame me for.”

“Wanton defiance.”
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