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Movie Reviews: Fury + The Purge + 13 others

Fury (2014)
It is April 1945 and a US tank crew fight fanatical bitter enders in the heart of Nazi Germany. There is mad energy by the tank crew who are impatient for success. They’re strenuous and shouty but this lacks dramatic tension. Germany is in desperate decline and it is a chaotic, terrifyingly apocalyptic hellscape and everything is all melancholy. The tank crew are a smug cold coterie with steely personal resolve. A young solider has his enthusiasm broken.

Best Lines:
“Done much killing?”
“You will.”

“No, you are not.”

“Surrounded by krauts.”

“Tank school.”

“They started it. We finished it.”

“What do I shoot at?”
“The Nazis.”

“Man’s justice.”

The Purge (2013)
It is 2022 and the New Founding Fathers have instituted a night where all crime is legal and people can unleash the beast. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey star as the heads of a rich family who lock themselves in on purge night. Then a stranger shows up asking for help. The daughter’s moronic boyfriend tries to kill her father. A bad guy shows up trying way too hard to be scary. Ethan Hawke and co learn who they are in the dark. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“I care. Very much.”

“Not built for worst case scenarios.”

Heartbreak Ridge (1986)

Best Line:
“The preferred weapon of your enemy. It makes a distinctive noise when fired.”

I Was A Male War Bride (1949)
Silly Cary Grant film.

Operation Petticoat (1959)

The War Bride (2001)

Bringing Up Baby (1983)
Hell no.

The Crucible (1996)

In The Name Of The Father (1993)

The Last Of The Mohicans (1992)

The Pentagon Wars (1998)
Okay TV movie.

Hostile Waters (1997)

Angela’s Ashes (1999)
Shamelessly wretched.

Angel Heart (1987)
A tale of malignity and bleak things.

The Ladykillers (1955)
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