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iZombie 2x04 + Doctor Who 10x11 Reviewed

Even Cowgirls Get The Black And Blues
I didn't watch 2x03. Raphael Sbarge is in this as a sleaze. Someone finally notices all the missing people. A former drug dealer is menaced by Blaine. Liv makes a big speech to Major and he shrugs it off. Blaine sleazes. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“That’s the smell of sex and self-loathing.”

“Sweating like a ten dollar whore on nickel night.”

World Enough And Time
Matt Lucas, another fake out regeneration and an appearance by John Simm that wasn’t a surprise as they put him in the damn trailer. This was okay. Missy prances and Bill gets a ‘Death Becomes Her’ style hole through her. Devious Missy isn’t inherently charming. The Doctor wants her as his slavering minion and doesn’t erupt in anger when she defies him. A dumb blue man takes up screen time and the Doctor is terrifically confident in himself.

Nobody conducts themselves competently. This was not a bit inspiring. There is moronic exposition from the sad dad haircut Doctor. This was mildly promising. Bill has haggard desperation as she waits for the Doctor to rescue her. Missy exudes venom. This is all quirsky smirksy passive aggressive tweeness. Cybermen lurk and are sheer unpleasantness and have the look of trouble about them.

There is moral idiocy and moral assumptions. The Doctor forgets his social responsibility and adds to his lifetime of bad choices. There is panic mongering and a gloriously pathetic plan. Time passes for Bill. The origin of the cybermen is shown. A man rails against perceived enemies and there is a twist. Mondas is mentioned. The Master (Simm) shows up. Bill is now a cyberman.

Best Lines:
“The genesis of the Daleks.”

“Not from earth at all

“What horror?”
“Mainly the tea.”

“Is burgling mask.”

“Always a scary thing with you isn’t there?”

“Big, even for a colony ship.”

“Trying to sound mysterious.”

“Loads of friends. Better ones.

“Are you having an emotion?”

“Nothing comes out of a black hole.”

“The pain will disguise the taste.”

“Our world is rust. Our air is engine fumes.”

“Operation Exodus?”

“The question you must not ask.”

“A world not made for flesh.”
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