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Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 78-86 of Misty

‘Next Of Kin’ (1982) trailer
There is staring and blood. This has no dialogue so you can’t tell it is from Australia.

‘Reign’ 4x02 promo
Modern day tiaras, red lipstick and where is Lola’s baby?

‘American Gothic’ (1988) trailer
People go on holiday to an island. The acting is bad. There is a scythe, Yvonne de Carlo and knitwear and a cliffside swing. Maybe.

Best Lines:

“No devil’s play in this house.”

“He who waits, gets.”

‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ post credits scene
Stan Lee and the Watchers. Naff.

‘The House’ TV spot
Jeremy Renner!

‘Babe’ (1995) promo

‘The Life Of David Gale’ promo

I will review ‘The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2016’, ‘Whispers From The Abyss 2’, ‘One Of Us Is Lying’, ‘The Never King’, ‘Enigma Tales’, ‘Little Heaven’ and ‘The Adventure of the Deadly Dimension’.

I won’t read ‘The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman’, ‘Game of Queens’ or ‘Little Sister'.

Calico cats are the result of the migration of domestic cats along trade routes in Europe from Egypt?

Josh Hartnett turned down playing Batman, Spider-Man and Superman?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Cranial moulding.”

“Who is you?”

“I’m going to ‘Game Of Thrones’ your butts.”

“Rescued from a prostitution ring.”

“The victim of sex trafficking. Again.”

“Run back to that.”

“Ugly and dangerous existence.”

“Create an alternative scenario.”

“Not death penalty eligible.”

“In financial ruin.”

"Why would you ask her something like that?"

"Kidnapped them back."

“Sexual behaviour.”

“Reckless accusation.”

“Poor card.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ Quotes:
“Prepare for the end of your world.”

“Space god.”

“Eats planets.”

“Eat us more?”

‘The Dark Phoenix’ Quote:
“You won’t be coming back.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“This term is militaristic.”

“Streets of shame.”

“Really trenchant opinions.”

“Ruling hegemony.”

“A political figure who is inconvenient to the political establishment.”

“Affordability spiral.”

“Providential leaders usually end up badly in France. Remember Joan of Arc, two Napoleons, Marechal Petain?”

“Grave cuts.”

“Dark friable soil patches.”

“The lack of association with a church building, grave slabs or dedicative saints.”

“Family readiness plans.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“All tamed cats today descend from the African wildcat, or Felis Silvestris Lybica,”

“Migrating farmers took cats with them as they moved into Europe,”

“Subservient prison habit.”

“Escalated in seriousness.”

“Ground typically reserved for peeing dogs.”

“Justified complaint.”

“You can’t survive on a dime like we did in the 70s.”

“Social murder.”


“Escort chain.”

“Considered too dangerous to perform,”

‘Hollyoaks’ Quotes:
“You’re fired!”
“From what?!?”

‘Girls On Top’ Quotes:
“Bunny jam on the pavement.”

“Self dignity.”

“Dangerous hardcore junkie smack.”

‘Eastenders’ Quote:
“She kills your baby.”

‘Irish Impendent’ Quotes:
“Throwing a side table at him on Christmas Day.”

Partnered forces.

‘My Favourite Manson Girl’ Quotes:
“I wasn’t exactly shocked to learn that John Waters made friends with a Manson girl. He was out there. She was probably scared of him.”


“Roaming bands of Satanists.”

“Back-door gals because the front’s for Jesus or your husband or something.”

Read ‘Misty’ issues 78 to 85. ‘The Gravedigger’s Daughter’ is not liked and takes revenge. This was okay. ‘The Missing Piece’ is a bizarre tale of a jigsaw puzzle. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is about a trip to the dentist. It’s dumb. This was 10p an issue? ‘Dead Man’s Eyes’ is an okay tale of a dig gone wrong. ‘Spitting Image’ was the tale of a painting and was not good. ‘The Governess’ is an okay tale of a nasty child. ‘The Monkey’ sees a monkey mocked by a snotty girl, she regrets it. Okay.

Darkness At Noon’ is an okay tale of Vesuvius. ‘Time To Spare’ is a bad tale of a girl who gets judged. ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Daughter’ is a good tale of thieves who kill a helpless old man and then run into his daughter. ‘Inside Story’ is an okay tale of Pandora’s Box. ‘Sprig of Heather’ sees a girl’s evil stepfather hauled off by a press gang. Okay. ‘Hands of Nefri’ makes no sense and neither does ‘Present From Singapore’.

Old Collie’s Collection’ is a dumb tale of evil snow globes. ‘The Black Gauntlet’ is okay. ‘Cathy and the Nature Spirits’ does exactly what it says on the tin and not well either. ‘The Ghost of Golightly Towers’ sees a girl taken from her mother by interfering social workers and sent to a childrens home in an old castle where she meets the resident ghost. This was an okay comedy. ‘The Tadpole Terror’ is utterly stupid.

Nobody’s Child’ is a daft tale of a Victorian street urchin with a 70s perm and her dog. ‘Danger In The Depths’ is the tale of a killer fish, somehow the radiation in the lake doesn’t kill people. ‘Nightmare Nightmare Nightmare’ is a tale of a wicked girl who gets got. ‘The Silver Racer Back’ is a daft tale of mind controlled swimmers. ‘What Did You Say?’ was dumb. ‘Monster Of Green Acres’ was excellent. ‘Mrs Grundy’s Guest House’ was an okay tale of ghosts. ‘Jorum Is Coming’ was a silly tale of an alien.

Best Lines:
“We’re better than you!”

“I shall never, never forgive.”

“Rich girls are not always happy girls.”

“I’ve heard better stories on the telly.”

“Let’s go and shout through a few letter boxes.”

“Bloodstains on the carpet? That always goes down well.”

“Me and the girls will spread you on our bread-”
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