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Book Reviews: The Lying Game + Diana

The Lying Game by Ruth Ware
From the author of the inept ‘In A Dark Dark Wood’ comes this tale of 4 boarding school friends - Isa, Kate, Thea and Fatima - who are reunited 17 years later. They recall the lies they told, the games they played and the fall they took as precipitous as a fall can be.

As teenagers they lacked compassion, were volatile and got caught up in something bad. Now after all the secrets and lies, the truth is coming out. It isn’t safe and they’re morally responsible for what happened. This was good, even if Isa the ‘heroine’ is an utter fool, predicated to being dumb.

Best Lines:
“I was siding against the others. And that soon they might side against me. A wall, after all, isn’t just about keeping others out. It can also be for trapping people inside.”

“She sold her father’s paintings, and when she ran out she began to forge them.”

Diana: Her True Story by Andrew Morton
This 1992 book is sad.
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