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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Atomic Blonde’ trailer
Violence. A spy. Ice. Fighting. Looks good.

Best Lines:
“Welcome to Berlin.”

“Don’t shoot; I’ve got your shoe.”

‘Doctor Who’ 10x11 promo
The Doctor tries to redeem Missy. A blue guy and a 400 mile ship are involved. As are the idiot companions. There are cybermen and John Simm. At last something interests me in this wretched season.

Best Line:
“You’re the reason that they’re coming.”

‘Happy Death Day’ trailer
A Groundhog Day slasher movie. Why do killers wear sweat generating, peripheral vision ruining masks? Maybe.

‘Batman’ (1966) opening credits

‘Batman’ (1966) clip
The Joker ends up on the batpole. Alfred has to wash their costumes. How stupid is Aunt Harriet? There is patently ridiculous acting. The Joker could just step off the batpole.

Best Lines:
“Mistook this for a secret passage.”

“Emergency batpole elevator.”

“Crazy dumbwaiter.”

‘Monster In Law’ (2005) promo

‘Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers’ (1995) promo

‘You, Me And Dupree’ (2006) promo

‘Entrapment’ (1999) promo

Recall ‘Hogan Heroes’ or ‘Stalag Luft’ (1993)?

I may review ‘The Purge’.

I won’t review ‘Gotham’ 3x11 ‘Beware The Green-Eyed Monster’.

Anyone see ‘Thirteen Days’ (2000), ‘U-571’ (2000), ‘Gandhi’ (1982) or ‘Nixon’ (1995)?

Recall ‘Rab C Nesbitt’?

Ah, the shut in economy.

Lightly poached ant eggs are a thing? As are glo-nuts?

RIP Stephen Furst.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She’s a horrible human being.”

“At the RV show.”

“Made other decisions.”

“That’s allegedly my child.”

“Dating dating.”

‘RTE News’ Quote:
“Culturally appropriate accommodation.”

‘The Sunday Business Post’ Quotes:
“High-quality archival paper.”

“Not actually reviewing the restaurant until the final two paragraphs.”

“Lust tours.”

‘The Sunday Times’ Quotes:
“Looking for someone to kidnap.”

“Steal his charisma.”

“Stony-faced disbelief.”

“Deserved her place in the dustbin of history.”

“Street-drinkers favour it.”

“Never really liked teachers.”

“Sounds much more serial killerly than it is-”

“Tabloid oik from Leeds.”

“Bashed an attacker over the head with a crate,”

“Repelled by the bottles being thrown by a manager and a waiter.”

“Hardcore nudists.”

“Non-participatory wives.”

‘Sunday Independent’ Quotes:
“Endless denouncements.”

“I was denounced from hill, pulpit and barstool.”

“You just look at one, you start getting ideas.”

“Someone dead and iconic.”

“I knew in theory that her life was like that,”

“Evicted his girlfriend and their baby from his flat.”

“Jabbing needles into her bottom.”

“Slide the money under the door.”

“Not entirely penitent.”

“Passed her over.”

“The masses.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Social rights.”

“Had a large number of enemies.”

“Making threats to kill his legal team.”

“Beating his partner in front of a judge.”

“Attempting to perform citizen’s arrest on judges and court officials.”

‘The Guardian’ Quote:
“Fanboys brought up on comic book sci-fi.”

‘End Of Watch’ Quote:
“Tactical knife.”

‘The Lying Game’ Quotes:
“And we never minded. Though maybe we should have.”

“Your dad was a good man, no matter what others in this place say,”

‘Girls On Top’ Quotes:
“Measle baby.”

“Special haemorrhage size.”
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