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Harlots 1x05-1x08 + Agents Of SHIELD 4x20 Reviewed

Episode Five
Lydia and the Baronet are gross. Margaret pimps Lucy out to Lord Fallon. Lucy is a frightened broken thing. Emily is punished. This has no visual grit and is just gritty and repellent. Margaret won’t help Emily. Harriet wants her children and this was inconsequential.

Best Lines:
“You and all your vile spawn.”

“Can I have my whore now?”

“She has the personality of a plant.”

“Go out among the harlots.”

Episode Six
Fanny is pregnant. Margaret and Will make bad decisions. Lucy is a snot. This is so inherently dreadful in every conceivable way. The acting is overwrought. This was cringe-inducing with no vibrancy. It was piss poor and off putting. Lydia ups her human trafficking to supplying girls to be murdered by Lord Fallon and co. The Baronet is a dribbling lunatic maniac and is murdered. This was flaccid. This was inconsequential. The slowly expiring Baronet was a moron.

Best Lines:
“Like the shadow of a monster.”

“Showing insolence to me.”

“Conflict there will be.”

“Mouthful of vexatious language.”

“You may not ever refuse me.”

“Worsen tenfold.”

“Lustful onslaughts.”

“Do as you want.”

Episode Seven
This was not dark or morally problematic. Everyone is morally corrupt. Haxby is vile. People are distinctly ill at ease. There are clashes of wills. Charlotte is in peril and she is treated with undisguised contempt. Margaret is heartless. This was ornately naff and leaves one with calculated disinterest. Charlotte was unwisely insolent. Lydia is aggressively provoking. There is no historical strangeness or emotional turmoil. This is not quietly devastating. Amelia regards sleaze with interest. Cock-driven men bore. Margaret is repulsive. This was witless, brainless, hollow drivel. One is disinterested. This was grimy and dirty and thick with horrible characters. This was as stupid as they come.

Best Lines:
“Fleeing from villainy.”

“Play the whore pipe for a penny a tune. I have no money.”

“She feeds on vengeance like maggots on a corpse.”

“I will make a physician come.”

“Noose fodder.”

“Disappeared into the gutter.”

“Dropped her prize into the gutter.”

“An ill day when she met you.”

“Killed above herself.”

Episode Eight
Charlotte plots and is wonderfully knowing. There is no cloud of dread. Margaret takes malign relish in being vile. Charlotte goes into Lydia’s house. This was not tart, true or right. This was not excitingly tumultuous or comically endearing. Emily gets recompense and a brothel of her own. The Baronet’s widow becomes an ally. Emily does well. This was not incredibly profound. This was all class hierarchy, evil glamour and changing internal power structures. Lucy becomes a dominatrix and this was ignorable.

Best Lines:
“I’ve forgiven her, but not you.”

“A child with such a mother.”

“Countless ruined lives.”

Farewell, Cruel World
Jemma blubbers over Fitz, because she’s a daft bint. Mack’s annoying non-existent child babbles about Daisy as does Coulson. Daisy really is the creator’s pet. Fitz’s dad (David O’Hara) is menaced by Jemma and she kills him. Oh come on. There is bad acting as Jemma and Daisy babble. This has no Ward. Mack won’t go. This was crap. Everyone excuses Fitz’s bad deeds, something they didn’t do for Ward. Aida is a real girl now.

Best Lines:
“Maximum force protocols.”

“You mean nothing to me.”
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