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Book Reviews: A Season For Slaughter + Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights + My Life, My Tapes

A Season For Slaughter: The War Against The Chtorr Book 4 by David Gerrold
This ghastly novel shrugs off the side-effects of the nukes. How many humans are left with all the killing they do? The Chtorr are an ever more invasive species and this is full of homophobia and paedophilia. This has no culture, art or style. The ‘hero’ yells at his woman and gets her pregnant and berates her into marrying him. There is no emotional resonance. The ‘hero’ is despicable. Also whales are extinct.

Everybody who calls the ‘hero’ on his crap are shallow and stupid and need shaming. The ‘hero’ browbeats his woman. He’s not sweetly amoral and his self-obliteration goes on, as does his self-honouring. This is all manipulative artifice. Nobody has the best intentions. This is the hollowest thing and is entirely meaningless. The ‘heroine’ is a crowing hen, who along with the ‘hero’ behaves cruelly. Nobody has a capacity for shame or moral calculus.

This long novel is a journey to inevitable disappointment. This isn’t heartfelt and no wonder no more books in this saga have been published. The ‘hero’ is a complete and utter disaster of a human being who always escapes from the consequences of his actions. People have no serious intention about finding a viable solution to the aliens in this less then compelling 1992 dud.

One has to have total compliance to the whims of the ‘hero’. Also America is brilliant and always right and anyone who doesn’t agree is disgraceful. More discoveries about the Chtorr are made but they’re over-shadowed by the chapters of author tracts and creepy sexual politics. This sucked as the ‘hero’ insults the mentally disabled, shrugs off child abuse, beats women and is okay with underage sex and invading other countries. Thank god no more of this crap was published.

Best Lines:
“Anyone who got caught by a gorp did it deliberately.”

“Establish a biological foothold.”

“Incorporated our perceptual environment.”

“Food isn’t supposed to fight back.”

“Trolling the urinals.”

“Unceasing growth.”

“Ruminating, chewing and farting.”

“Didn’t they teach manners at that fancy eastern school you got kicked out of?”

“Too stupid to live without help.”

"Look upon and despair, for yourselves, for your families, for your children unto the last generation.”

Boy Wonder: My Life In Tights by Burt Ward

The Autobiography Of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes by Scott Frost
This 1991 ‘Twin Peaks’ spin off is not gloriously gloomy and I didn’t like his choices.
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