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Reaper Season 2 Ep 6 Review

The Underbelly

This season is doing stuff we wanted to see (the nature vs nurture debate about Sam) but swamps it with rubbish we don't want to see (Sock and his stepsister, Nina). Sam heads to Dove Hollow to reap a soul. Sock gets it on with his stepsister. Sam mentions his powers for the first time this season and causes a wine bottle to shatter during a temper tantrum. Andi refuses to deal with Sam's paternity and ditches him. Again. A loony sheriff menaces Sam. Watching this one wonders if TPTB killed this show on purpose by stuffing it full of Nina, Sock's stepsister and Andi's latest about face. Sadly the latest intriguing hints about Sam were drowned in the sap mudslide of useless plots. Was Nina right about Sam's motives? We'll never know, instead TPTB cram Sock and his underwear clad stepsister into the frame.

Best Lines:
"Tell me what you are."

"Him and his perfect town. Just like a David Lynch movie."

"I can't help but think you're starting to like it. That it's changing you or maybe its always been in you. I just never saw it."
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