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Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 72-76 of Misty

‘Batman: Return Of The Caped Crusaders’ (2016) trailer
Based on the 1966 TV show. This was not dark and brutal as perfidious baddies team up.

Best Lines:
“Unholy alliance!”

“To the crosswalk!”

‘Any Second Now’ (1969) promo

‘Mr Holland’s Opus’ (1995) promo

‘George Best: All By Himself’ promo

Sweet Beet hummus - okay.
Mint sauce - okay.

Anyone seen the 1995 ‘Hideaway’ or ‘Lord of Illusions’?

What are fluoride varnishes and protective sealants?

Anyone see ‘Getting Even With Dad’ (1994) or ‘Sgt Bilko’ (1996)?

They are rebooting ‘Cannonball Run’?

Recall ‘Voltron’?

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Burnt them in the woodburner.”

“You are unwanted. You are unneeded and you are unloved.”

“Everybody’s scapegoat.”

“With what purpose?”

“He needed to leave her.”

“Get my wife’s sanity back.”

“Provoke me to attack him.”

“I find her to be crazy.”

“This is not a lie.”

“Leaving us to do all of your work.”


“Owning your history.”

“A toxic partner.”

“Trust yourself to make good judgements.”

“I was not sorry.”

“Never come to that.”

“Mean it when you say it.”

“Speak out against your monster.”

“Haven’t stopped raging about it.”

“Vertical development.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“The end of tabloids as arbiters of UK politics.”

“Their new role in society.”

“Regardless of how fixated and nonsensical their views may be.”

“Looming future tragedy.”

“Farm relief.”

“This prophetic plea has been largely ignored.”

“Banishment of reason and truth.”

“Culture of death.”

“Morally attuned.”

“Public toilets in cities used to be scary subterranean places whose smell reached street level.”

“Models of morality.”

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Make good decisions right now.”

“Is not easily controllable.”

“Now beyond justice.”

“Carted off to irrelevance.”


‘RTE News’ Quotes:
“Only for good cause.”

“Slow cycling.”

Sky News’ Quote:
“Subject of suspicion.”

‘Wayne’s World 2’ Quotes:
“Mopping up hurl and lung butter.”

“I’m gonna go pick a fight.”

The Stepford Wives’ Quote:
“Where there needy children in Stepford? She’d seen no sign of any.”

I read ‘Misty’ issues 72 to 76. ‘The Loving Cup’ is a ridic tale. ‘A Stain On Her Character’ is a parable about cheating and is okay. ‘Living Doll’ was dumb. ‘Looking For Something Special...’ is a dumb tale of sand. ‘Sharp Lesson’ is a tale of 3 spoilt brats in ye olde days and the vengeance that rainth down upon them. It was okay. ‘The Night Watchmen’ is a tale of a yob who gets a warning. It was dumb. ‘A Night Of Terror!’ is about a yob and wax and is dumb. ‘So You Want To Be A Star’ is about the old selling your soul trope, sadly it is bad.

‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’ is about 2 yobs and a mad gardener. No. ‘The Treatment’ sees a girl sent to a corrective school and made into an entirely different person. It was excellent, creepy and memorable. ‘Framed’ is a tale of a yob and a painting. It was dull. ‘Malice In Wonderland’ is about a haunted carnival and is excellent. ‘Date With Death’ is a tale of yobs who unwisely rob a nasty old man. ‘The Devil’s Pipe’ sees 2 girls go metal detecting with a 1979 metal detector and they find an evil tin whistle. This was good. ‘The Writing On The Wall’ is about the dangers of graffiti.
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