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The Handmaid’s Tale 1x03 + Shades Of Blue 2x13 + The Loch (2017) 1x01 Reviewed

The lurid presentation of tastefully glossy frightfulness goes on. Offred and her stony expression has flashbacks to how Gilead began and how Moira was loud. She and her female co-workers were fired at gunpoint. There is perpetual turmoil in the present day. Unconscionable things happen. Nobody asks if their actions and reactions are reasonable. The Martha, Rita, is full of concern hoping that Offred is pregnant. Serena Joy has hope.

The Marthas and Handmaids occupy tenuous positions. Offred visits Janine. Meanwhile Ofglen and her Martha lover have been arrested and tried. Continually raging Aunt Lydia pops up. Baby Angela is fawned over; I guess she is not a Shredder then? How did views become so entrenched? Nobody challenges them on their messianic sense of righteousness? The Gilead lot have a moral imperative to have a lack of kindness. Offred finds it unendurable as the wives discuss their distain for Handmaids in front of her.

There is no mild, thoughtful acting. The wives are memorably genial in their respectability, seeing Handmaids as a grim necessity. Janine is in disarray. Offred is pensive. Nick is a callow jerk with a visible hint of menace and he is profoundly sinister. He spoke to the Eyes about Offred. Flashbacks show the loud Moira and June discussing the new laws.

This episode lacks any discoverable impact. Luke had no prescience. Offred is asked questions by an Eye and Aunt Lydia zaps her with a cattle prod. Serena Joy thinks a joyful event is imminent. Ofglen faces exceptional vindictiveness for disappointing her. How can people have a knowing adherence to Gilead? Offred sheds popularity by getting her period. Serena Joy wears a charming deceptive mask. Ofglen’s real name is Emily. This was dumb and stupid.

Best Lines:
“Ofglen is gone.”

“An offence to god.”

“That word is not to be used.”

“We’ve been under marital law since DC.”

“Less than.”

“By His Word.”

“Sluts, get out of here.”

“By His Name.”

“What law?”

“Under His Eye.”

“I don’t think that’s the army.”

“The Common Mercy.”

“Sentenced to Redemption.”

“Your existence is an abomination.”

“You know how they get.”

“It’s only Vanilla. But I can have it.”

“The weaker girls.”

“You’re dripping.”

“Things can get much worse for you.”

Broken Dolls
Stahl locates Miguel’s body. Woz and Harlee are suspected by the IA guy of killing Miguel. The IA guy is presumptuous and has a disturbing awareness. There is no solace. There is no nuanced risk taking. Harlee is resentful and shrugs off moral implications. Stahl has snarling menace. Julia is fat and has determination. Woz has overdone moodiness about her ruthless betrayal. Harlee ends up in her underwear at the mercy of Stahl. Woz is shot by a child. Harlee is in peril and it ends on a cliffhanger. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“She hasn’t won yet.”

“You can’t come back from that.”

“When I crack. Run.”

The Loch (2017) 1x01
This ITV drama is terrible. Various annoying twits in a Scottish small town are moronic. The local cops are stupid and obstructive. A female cop has a bitch slut daughter who lies and does stupid crap. A man has locked in syndrome or does he? Weird stuff goes on. There are secrets, murders and body parts. This has no passion, intelligence or assiduity.

Best Lines:
“Willy bone.”

“Walk faster please.”

“Everybody loved him.”
“Somebody didn’t.”

“You contribute, you’re in.”

“Doggers paradise.”

“The community needs you.”
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