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Book Reviews: The Three Robbers + A Rage For Revenge

The Three Robbers by Tomi Ungerer
In this kids book, robbers armed with pepper and a blunderbuss run around. This was limitedly consequential.

A Rage For Revenge: The War Against The Chtorr Book 3 by David Gerrold
This horrible 1989 book is full of creepy sexual politics and author tracts. There are limericks and the hero turns into a paedo and is all perfidious, coiled aggressiveness. He is captured by an instinctively wrong cult that has a grim dynamic and a malign connection to the aliens. This austere reality is unfeasible. Lewd humour is crude, stupid, pointless and self-indulgent. The ‘hero’ is a man without much personality. What are the alien’s malign purposes?

Nobody cares. Because this poorly realised narrative is all about the ‘hero’ and his personal inadequacies. The alien invasion is not even an afterthought to his murderous sex offending ways. This lacks narrative cohesion and is utterly terrible. The ‘hero’ is a violent, murderous, lunatic, sex offender. He thinks he knows best and goes on about ‘his’ kids. He kills a woman pregnant with his child. His mother dies, he doesn’t care. Also Americans are smart and everyone else is stupid. This was deeply problematic.

Best Lines:
“Vampires had been seen as big as bedsheets.”

“There is no victory down the path you follow.”

“They were terrifying to see even when they were standing still.”

“Those of dubious courage.”

“How do you train a walking tree?”

“You’re trying to see me as a villain, and I keep refusing to cooperate, right?”

“This is god food.”
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