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Book Review: The Gospel Of Loki

The Gospel Of Loki by Joanne M. Harris
From the author of ‘Holy Fools’ and ‘Gentlemen & Players’ comes this tale of the fictive past of the opaquely motivated, havoc wreaking trickster god. Loki has no concept of respectful, informed discussion. He also cannot stand the dude vibe of Asgard and the relatively flat prose shows the consequences of his lack of continual loyalty and personal restraint. The morally questionable Loki is the instigator of the gods downfall.

This was devoid of any nuance and was full of un-dramatic dialogue and didn’t even manage to be entertainingly awful. Ill-fated Loki has such lack of menace that his sinister intentions and the ceaseless outrage he causes with infuriating randomness causes no febrile excitement. Loki is gloriously confident and insufficiently respectful and full of delusional promises and pomposity. This was not even gloriously silly.

Best Lines:
“But that’s another story, one for a darker, colder day.”

“Folk who were keen to do him harm.”
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