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Trailers, Quotes and musings on issues 63-69 of Misty

‘The Mummy’ TV spot
The ‘Dark Universe’ looks dumb.

‘DC Superhero Girls’ ad
Since when is Harley Quinn a hero?

‘Poldark’ promo
Go away.

‘Churchill’ TV spot

RIP Adam West.

‘The Man From UNCLE’ is called ‘Solo Fur ONCEL’ in Germany. ‘It’ is called ‘Es’ in Germany.

Recall the ‘Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes’ cartoon from 1990?

Anyone ever watch ‘She Spies’?

There was talk of a ‘Dazzler’ movie in 1980?

I’d like to ride Switzerland’s fondue express.

Anyone see ‘White Hunter, Black Heart’ (1980)? Or ‘Bobby’ (2006)?

‘Savage Island’ delayed. Boo!

‘The Guardian’ Quotes:
“Ensuing facial contortions.”

“Bellowing abuse.”

“Being very stupid in public.”

“With a third-division footballer’s haircut.”

“Slimy right wing bastard.”

“Cast off the guilt.”

“No one ever really tried to prevent it.”


“We were all waiting their time.”

“My needs were irrelevant.”

“The language we now use to discuss it did not exist.”

“Knicker snatcher.”

“If ever a punch was justified, this one is.”

“Ineluctable truth.”

“Recasts local objection to tomb-looting as something supernatural, malign and irrational.”

“He is a figure to be mistrusted, although when he reveals his name and his destiny,”

“Honest loyalty.”

“The youth culture of long ago.”

“Pleasure wives.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Very valid concerns.”

“One rose from a gas station.”

“My own dignity.”

“Layabout worthless mooch.”


“You’re currently living in your car.”

“Emotional incest.”

“Not coming home at all.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Deterministic settings.”

“Remembering important events in his life.”


“Cultural betrayal.”

“Transformative force.”

“Schismatic point in history.”

“Locked in the attic with the first Mrs Rochester.”

“Wasn’t important enough to the area.”

“Decisive first strike.”

“Little tolerance for different opinions.”

“You know, the interesting ones.”

“Whose conservatism was beyond any scale of measurement.”

“A bland figure inexplicably beloved by all and sought for her irrelevant counsel.”

“Aren’t they told?”

‘Versailles’ Quotes:
“I shall forget her.”

“Make her dead.”

“You should be.”

“In the gutter of history.”

“Discovered something she was not meant to.”

“Someone chaste and devout.”

“Modesty and piety.”

‘FTWeekend’ Quotes:
“I can’t do the name tags.”

“Directly menaces the integrity of our homes.”

“A country without a summer.”

“Not indecent human beings.”

“To suit European TV schedules.”

“It all sounds like a workers’ co-operative in Cuba.”

Read ‘Misty’ issues 63 to 69. ‘The Dream House’ is a ghost story with a twist. ‘Uncle’s Nasty Hobby...’ sees another nasty relative cause creepy issues. It was okay. ’At The End Of The Rainbow’ is a soppy tale. ’Run, Rabbit, Run!’ is an okay tale of bullying and vengeance. ‘The Evil Dijnn’ sees a nurse meet a genie. Bad things happen. ‘An Eye For An Eye...’ sees a spoilt Roman woman persecute a family of leopards and she lives to regret it. This was historically inaccurate but very good.

One Bite Of The Apple...’ sees 2 horrible girls get got. ‘One Hour In Time’ sees an awful girl get got. No. ‘Perfect Specimen’ is a good tale of things preserved in amber. ‘Twin Catastrophes’ is a semi-incoherent tale of a lost sister. ‘Wolf Girl’ is a ridic tale of a former feral child. ‘Forever Winter...’ is a highly negative tale. ‘Cry Baby!’ is the tale of a bullied foster child and the core threat of her ‘sister’ and the unalloyed delight she takes when the feminine menace pays for her sins. This was excellent.

‘The Collector’ is the tale of a post box that is a sentient malevolent totem of evil. It causes travails that are taken seriously in the plot. This was okay. ‘The Disembodied’ is a tale without depth and meaning as a girl violates acceptable human behaviour and pays for it. ‘Welcome Home’ is about a firestarter and the darkening time she causes, that leads to predictable tragedy. ‘A Room Of Her Own’ is a tale of a fake haunting that assumes darker connotations. ‘Catch Me If You Can...’ sees a girl make a friend and then she faces horror. This was very good. ‘The Devil’s Dummy’ is about 2 girls, a ventriloquist and his dummy. It’s a tolerably creepy tale.

Best Lines:
“I need your emergency disinfestation squad.”

“Cackle, cackle, cackle.”

“The locals don’t hold with such places.”

“Let’s all have a cuppa, and calm down.”

“Strong of wind and limb, with years of work in her!”

“Dad’ll do his nut.”
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